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John Mark Comer Wife Illness: What Happened To Tammy And Where Is She Now?

People are interested in learning more about John Mark Comer wife illness. Author John Mark Comer, along with his wife and three kids, resides, works, and writes in Portland’s downtown area.

At Bridgetown Church, he serves as the vision and teaching pastor. John Mark served as the senior pastor of a suburban megachurch before founding Bridgetown.

John Mark Comer, a well-known Portland, Oregon resident, founded the New York Times. He established Bridgetown Church and is its founding minister of education and vision.

The founder of Portland, Oregon’s Bridgetown Church is 42-year-old Comer. Before becoming associated with Bridgetown, he served as a minister in several places of worship.

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John Mark Comer Wife Illness: What Happened To Tammy And Where Is She Now?

John Mark Comer, the author of multiple publications, is married to Tammy Comer.

Jude, Moses, and Sunday are the children that Tammy and John Mark have together after 20 years of marriage. Nine years ago, they adopted Sunday from Uganda.

She was eventually determined to have both a stomach issue and post-Lyme polyneuropathy.

She would have such extreme exhaustion when it flared up that it was difficult for her to function and impaired her ability to think coherently.

John Mark Comer Wife Illness
John Mark Comer Wife Illness.
(Source: Instagram)

After that, something in her body shattered around five years ago. Tammy endured the developing illness for 15 years. After then, on October 14, 2020, everything was altered.

Tammy is her Father’s firstborn child. John Mark and Tammy got in touch with a godly guy who knew casting out curses.

Tammy’s facial spasms began to react strongly when they met him, and he called her to the conference room.

He removed the curse from her and her family in the name of Jesus as she sat down.

Although Tammy claimed it felt transactional and lacked emotion, her expression suddenly turned serene.

Tammy claimed that ever since experiencing the sensation of being lifted off, she has been thoroughly well.

God encountered Tammy while she was ill, and through her suffering, he changed her.

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John Mark Comer Net Worth 2024

The internet does not include information about John Mark Comer’s wealth. The preacher is, nevertheless, likely to be worth at least $5 million.

Comer makes the most of his money through his preaching and church work.

He serves as the senior pastor of Bridgetown Church in Portland and gives guest addresses at numerous meetings and events across the country.

In addition, Comer is a well-known author who has written several best-selling books.

He is the author of six books, including Live No Lies, a New York Times Best Seller, God has a Name, Garden City, Loveology, My Name is Hope and The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry.

At several sold-out events around the United States and abroad, he would tour with his books and their teachings.

John Mark Comer fam
John Mark Comer with his family. (Source: Instagram)

John Mark also oversees Practicing the Way, a nonprofit that develops materials for discipleship and formation in neighborhood churches in post-Christian situations.

He effectively maintains a weekly podcast called “John Mark Comer Teachings,” posted to well-known audio services like Apple Music and Spotify.

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