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John Travolta Net Worth: Lifestyle & Planes

From being the King of the dancefloor to the King of gangsters, the Veteran pilot and Actor John Travolta currently boasts an estimated net worth of $250 million.

Travolta rose to fame during the 1970s, appearing in the television series Welcome Back, Kotter.

His silver screen appearances were in the box office hits in Saturday Night Fever (1977) and Grease (1978).

John Travolta
John Travolta. (source: Instagram)

Similarly, Travolta has been nominated for 7 Golden Globe Awards and 2 Academy Awards to date.

One of his Academy Awards nominations came for his iconic role of Vincent Vega in Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic Pulp Fiction.

Quick Facts

Full Name John Joseph Travolta
Date of Birth February 18, 1954
Birth Place Englewood, New Jersy, United States of America
Age 49 Years Old
Net Worth $250 Million
Source of Wealth Film
Profession Professional Actor




Ethnicity Italian American (Mixed)
Nationality American
Religion Scientology
Mother Helen Cecilia Burke
Father Salvatore Travolta
Marital Status Widower
Spouse Kelly Preston (Deceased)
Partners Diana Hyland (1976 – 1977)

Catherine Deneuve

Marilu Henner

Children Jett Travolta (1992 – 2009)

Ella Bleu (2000)

Benjamin (2010)

Height 1.88m (6 ft 1 in)
Skin Tone White
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Aquarius
Active Since 1972
Social Media Facebook



Major Movies Saturday Night Fever (1977)

Grease (1978)

Pulp Fiction (1994)

Wild Hogs (2007)

TV shows Welcome Back, Kotter (1975 – 1979)

The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story (2016)

Awards and Nominations 1 Golden Globes Awards

Star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame

2 Academy Awards Nomination

3 Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominations

Last Update May, 2024

Net Worth and Income

In a career spanning more than four decades, John Travolta has amassed a net worth of $250 million from the entertainment industry.

Travolta made the majority of his money in the mid and late 90s and has invested it very well.

For his breakout role in Saturday Night Fever, Joseph earned a contract for $1 million.

Similarly, a year later, he played Danny Zuko in Grease, which earned more than $300 million on a mere budget of $6 million.

And by 1996, it was reported that Travolta was pulling in around $20 million per movie.

However, for his iconic portrayal of Vincent Vega in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, he was paid around $150,000.

Furthermore, his salary from 2004s Ladder 47 and 2005s Be Cool is estimated to be $20 million each.

Similarly, his earnings from the hit rom-com Hairspray (2007) was about $14 million.

For his most recent endeavors, Travolta earned $500,000 per episode on the OJ Simpsons TV series.

Net Worth in Different Currencies

Just for the sake of clarity, let’s get a better insight into John Travolta in different currencies, including the infamous crypto bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 211,818,750
Pound Sterling £ 182,012,500
Australian Dollar A$ 341,681,750
Canadian Dollar C$ 315,483,750
Indian Rupees ₹ 18,216,125,000
BitCoin ฿ 5,300

John Travolta: Real Estate, Cars, Planes, Watches

Real Estate

Travolta purchased a 2.35 acre home in Los Angeles in the famed Brentwood neighborhood in 1993 for $3.5 million.

To enumerate, the mansion boasts seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a tennis court, and a significantly large swimming pool.

John Travolta Brentwood House
The property Was Sold to Scooter Braun for $18 Million in January of 2020. (source: DIRT)

The property was sold to Scooter Braun for $18 Million in January of 2020.

Surprisingly, John also owns a mansion in the mind-bending 550-acre estate in Florida, dubbed the Jumbolair Airport Estate.

The Jumbolair Airport Estate boasts a 7,550 feet long runway, the longest private runway in America.

The gated community is the perfect place to allow aviation fans easy access to a private airport.

And the mansion with access to the runway is a perfect home for Travolta to satisfy his aviation needs.

John and His Late Wife Kelly Preston Purchased 9.5 Acres Which Reportedly Cost The Couple $3.5 Million.

Soon after, the couple built an 8,900 square foot mansion on the property and had the taxiway extended right to his front door.

Furthermore, the house was designed to allow views of the parked planes no matter what part of the house they are standing in.

To enumerate, the house has six bedrooms, two kitchens, a pool house, a golf course, and a hangar.

Similarly, Travolta also shared a 50-acre coastal property in Maine with his late wife.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston Home in Maine. (source: Architectural Digest)

The property has more than 20 bedrooms and over 10,380 square feet of interior space.

The house, built in 1903, boasts the majestic view of Penobscot Bay and the Atlantic Ocean and has direct access to the docks on Sabbathday Harbor.


Everyone needs a hobby.

And for John Travolta, it’s flying planes. As such, the trained pilot has a large collection of planes.

Good thing that he has an estimated net worth of $250 million to fund this pleasure.

One of his most famous planes is the Boeing 707 138B.

The original 787 models had a cost of $4.3 Million in 1955. Today that’s around $42.2 Million.

Travolta’s plane was previously operated by Qantas Airlines from 1964 and was converted to a passenger plane for private use in 1968.

And by 1998, the plane ended up with Travolta.

After Travolta got his hands on the jet, he changed the interior to make it more luxurious.

Travolta Posing in Front of His Qantas 707 after touchdown.

As such, the plane can host 25 passengers and includes a master bedroom with an ensuite, a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room.

Another plane in Vincent’s hangar is the Bombardier Challenger 601.

It was first announced that he bought this plane in 2011. At the time, this made it his 11th jet.

Travolta Posing In Front of His Newly Bought Bombardier.

To emphasize, a Bombardier Challenger 601 can cost up to $21.4 Million, and renting the 601 can cost up to $6,800 per hour.

One of Travolta’s most famous planes was the Gulfstream II.

It is well known due to a near terrible accident almost three decades ago.

gulfstream II
Travolta’s Gulfstream II Pictured at Robins Air Force Base.

In 1992, Travolta was flying the jet at 400 mph from Florida to Maine.

But disaster struck just above Washington skies, 12,000 feet up the Gulfstream suffered an electrical failure.

And with no radio working, the air traffic controller couldn’t speak to Travolta as he fought to control the plane.

Fortunately, Travolta managed to land the plane with no injuries while nearly missing a commercial plane with 182 passengers.

At that time, the Gulfstream II was worth $5 Million.


Travolta has quite a unique taste when it comes to putting pedals to the medal.

He has tons of classic American, German and British exotics lying pretty in his hangar.

Ford Thunderbird

Travolta has quite a thing for Thunderbird. He has not one, not two, but three T-Birds from 1955, 1956, and 1957 respectively.

But the most iconic one has to be the original T-Bird from the year 1955, as it was designed and manufactured at Ford in direct response to the 1953 Chevy Corvette.

Similarly, in an episode with Jay Leno, he stated that the 55 T-Bird was his favorite as it was the original car he grew up wanting.

1970 Mercedes Benz 280SL

Travolta’s Merc can often be spotted outside his Aviation Estate.

The current market value for this Benz is around $100,000.

Apparently, just one is not good enough. As a result, he ended up buying two of these.

Jaguar XJ6

Before he was flying planes, Travolta was breaking the speed limit with his British-made Jaguar XJ6, which had a top speed of 223 kph.

This particular one that John owns comes equipped with 5.0 liters V12 Supercharged race engine and can do a 0-100 kph in 8.4 seconds.

Rolls Royce Phantom

Likewise, John is also a custodian to a vintage 1960s Rolls Royce Phantom V.

Undoubtedly, this Royce is the pièce de résistance in his car collection as only 516 Phantom V’s were in production from 1959–1967.

This exact model has chauffeured the likes of Queen Elizabeth II and John Lennon.


Travolta is often seen sporting a Breitling Navigator, a watch well popular among pilots.

Being a veteran pilot that he is, it is only soothing that he wears a watch that compliments his aviation skills.

The price of a Navigator is $6,000 on average.

John Travolta Lifestyle and Vacation

John was married to the stunning actress Kelly Preston in 1991, and together they had three children.

Jett, the eldest of three, tragically passed away at the age of 16 while they were on vacation in the Bahamas due to a seizure in 2009.

With His Daughter Ella Travolta
John Travolta With His Daughter Ella Travolta

And just a year later, the couple’s youngest child, Benjamin, was born.

Sadly, Kelly also passed away in July 2020 due to breast cancer which was discovered two years prior.

Before her demise, the couple was seen happy vacationing on their coastal home of Maine and flying over their home in Jumbolair.

Most recently, Travolta was seen enjoying a boat ride with his daughter Ella in Budapest, Hungary.

John Travolta Charity and Donations

Having a net worth of $250 million has allowed John Travolta to be constantly involved in charity works.

After the death of their son Jett, John and his wife Kelly started the Jett Travolta Foundation to help children with special needs.

Similarly, the foundation has made notable contributions to The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy, The Simon Wiesenthal Center, and The Institute for the Achievement of Human Rights Potential.

Likewise, John has also shown his concern towards animal rights and rescue.

He signed a wooden dog bone for auction, which would benefit the Mississippi Animal Rescue League and helped raise awareness for the Last Chance for Animals.

In 2017, it was announced that Travolta was donating his Boeing 707 to the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society in Australia.

However, the jet was flown to Australia in 2020, and it is estimated that the trip to get the plane there alone cost $2.3 million.

Furthermore, the fabled Jetstream was donated to the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame in 2012.

Movies, Endorsements


John Travolta has appeared in a number of classics throughout his career.

His breakthrough role came in the 1970s hit ABC sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter.

All thanks to his iconic portrayal of Vinnie Barbarino in the TV show, Travolta was shot into superstardom status throughout the 1970s.

Moreover, his 70s hits include Carrie (1976), Saturday Night Fever (1977), and Grease (1978).

To emphasize, for his role in Saturday Night Fever, he received an Academy Award Nomination just at the age of 24, one of the youngest to achieve such a feat.

However, the 80s would see a steep decline as he would star in a number of critical and commercial failures.

Urban Cowboy (1980), Blow Out (1981), and Perfect (1983) are a few bombs to name.

But Travolta would make a triumphant return with 1989s Look Who’s Talking, which grossed $297 million on a mere $7 million budget.

With Samuel L. Jackson on Pulp Fiction
John Travolta & Samuel L. Jackson on Pulp Fiction

Likewise, Travolta would cement the revival of his A-list status with Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 Cult Classic Pulp Fiction.

Travolta starred alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman in the movie while earning another Academy Award Nomination.

As a result, Travolta’s 90s was a busy year, with movie offers stacking up one after another.

Since early 2000, Travolta has confined his acting mostly to action and thrillers with some comedies and musicals.

Some of his most notable projects are Battlefield Earth (2000), Hair Spray (2007), Bolt (2008), Gotti (2018), and more.


As Travolta previously owned a Qantas 707, he became a goodwill ambassador for Qantas.

As part of this relationship, Qantas would maintain the plane for him as he flew their brand across the globe.

When Travolta purchased the Bombardier Jet in 2011, he also became the ambassador for the Canadian jet manufacturer later that year.

Similarly, John Travolta has also been a brand ambassador for Breitling since 2005 and has appeared in a number of advertisements for the brand.


Travolta dropped out of high school at age 17 in 1971 and moved to New York City.

There he secured a role on the Broadway show Over Here!

After that, he had minor recurring roles in other TV shows and movies until 1975.

Soon he got the part of Vinnie Barbarino in ABC’s hit sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter (1975 – 79), which helped Travolta gain popularity in the entertainment industry, and soon after, he would get his first major role on the big screen in the 1976s Carrie.

However, a few critical and commercial setbacks in the 1980s would put a doubt on his acting status.

Battlefield Earth (2000), Swordfish (2001), Ladder 49 (2004), Hairspray (2007), Bolt (2008), etc., are a few notable movies that Travolta starred in during this time.

After the death of his wife, the late Kelly Preston, in 2020, Travolta announced that he would be taking a break from acting to find peace and spend more time with his kids.

Unknown Facts About John Travolta

  • John didn’t need a stunt double in “Urban Cowboy.”
  • John Travolta likes his coffee super strong.
  • Princess Diana named a dress after him.
  • Just like his love for strong coffee, he also loves mustard.


What happened to John Travolta’s son Jett Travolta?

Jett Travolta died in January 2009 at the age of 16. He had autism and died of a seizure at their family’s vacation home in the Bahamas.

Where is Kelly Preston buried?

Kelly Preston was cremated in the Brooksville Crematory, and the ashes were given to her family and friends.

Is John Travolta dating?

As of now, Travolta is single and has not been seeing anyone.



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