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Johnny Hincapie Dateline: Arrested For The Death Of Brian Watkins- Settlement And Compensation

Johnny Hincapie Dateline episode chronicled his false arrest for the murder of Brian Watkins. Here is more about the settlement and compensation for the arrest.

Hincapie is a Colombian person from Bayside, New York, who was sent to prison for the murder of tourist Brian Watkins.

After spending 25 long years in jail for the false allegation of the NYC Subway, Hincapie was finally released in 2015.

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Johnny Hincapie Dateline: Arrested For The Death Of Brian Watkins

Johnny Hincapie Dateline NBC was an episode that aired on October 23, 2015. He was falsely arrested for the death of Brian Watkins.

Hincapie was one of the seven people convicted for the murder of Brian Watkins in the New York City subway.

The incident occurred on September 2, 1990, when some teenagers exited the subway for a party at the Roseland Ballroom.

Some of them returned to the subway, unable to play for entrance. They decided to rob people for the money.

johnny hincapie dateline
Johnny Hincapie was arrested in 1990 for the murder of Brian Watkins. (Source: New York Post)

Brian Watkins was a 22-year-old from Utah who visited New York City as a tourist to see the US Open with his family.

The group robbed $200 from Brian’s father, Sherman, and kicked his mother, Karen.

Brian was killed after being stabbed in the chest during the altercation. His brother and sister-in-law were unharmed.

Several teenagers were arrested, and seven were sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder of Brian Watkins; among those seven was Johnny Hincapie.

The high-profile murder gained much media attention as the incident was portrayed as threatening the city’s tourism industry.

Johnny Hincapie Gets Justice: Released From Prison After 25 Years

Johnny Hincapie from Bayside, New York, was behind bars for 25 years for false accusations of the murder of Brian Watkins.

However, in 2015, he was released after the judge vacated his conviction. And in 2017, his conviction was dismissed.

The detectives allegedly forced Hincapie into a false confession, with a false promise to take him straight home.

To the dismay of the 18-year-old Hispanic guy, Hincapie, the wrongful confession landed him 25 years behind bars.

Johnny Hincapie was emotional after being cleared of the murder of Brian Watkins 25 years later. (Source: The New York Times)

However, justice was served in 2015 as the judge declared Johnny Hincapie innocent and not involved in the murder of Brian Watkins.

The Bayside resident was 18 when the incident occurred; he came out of prison aged 43.

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Johnny Hincapie Settlement And Compensation

Johnny Hincapie filed a lawsuit against the city of New York following the revelation that he was falsely sentenced to prison for 25 years.

The case was settled in December 2022 when it was revealed that Hincapie would receive nearly $18 million in legal settlements.

Under the settlement terms, New York City will pay $12.8 million, and the state will pay $4.8 million to Hincapie.

It is one of the most extensive compensation for a wrongful conviction in New York City.

Johnny Hincapie celebrated his freedom with his family. (Source: CBS News)

Hincapie studied during his time behind bars and received GED, associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees while in prison.

The Colombian-born Hincapie, now 50 years old, lives in Florida and is the father of two children.

He is an activist for the wrongfully accused and often speaks for the Innocent Project, created for people behind bars with wrongful convictions.

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