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Where Is Johnny Rider Now? Bjorge Grandparents Killer

The 2017 murder case of Grandpa Randall and Grandma Bjorg by their granddaughter Cassandra and her boyfriend Johnny Rider is still a topic of discussion. Is Johnny Rider out of prison now? Let’s explore.

Johnny Rider is a teenager who was involved in the murder of his girlfriend Cassandra Bjorge’s grandparents.

He and Cassandra went to her grandparents’ home and started attacking them.

During the time of the murder, Johnny was 19, and Cassandra was 17.

Reports suggest that the two teenagers were under the influence while they conducted the murder.

Nevertheless, even 6 years after the shocking crime, people still wonder where Johnny Rider and his girlfriend Cassandra are right now.

The Brutal Murders By Granddaughter And Boyfriend: Where Is Johnny Rider Now?

The whole country was in shock when they learned about the brutal murder of two older people that took place in April 2017.

What made this case stand out was the fact that the killers were the victim’s granddaughter and her boyfriend.

Johnny and Cassandra allegedly told the police officers that they killed Grandpa Randall and Grandma Bjorge just because they had enough of them.

Johnny Rider and cassandra
Johnny and Cassandra have ended their relationship after getting into prison. (Source: Twitter)

Upon further investigation, it has also come to light now that Johnny Rider and Cassandra were also planning to kill her mother, Amanda Sterling.

Amanda only got to know about this through the police.

She says that she had never thought something like this would ever occur.

It must have been traumatic for the mother of the young teenager to know that her daughter had killed her parents.

The murder was extremely brutal, and police reports suggest that they beat up Grandpa Randall and Grandma Bjorg before finally killing them.

They used a baseball bat and a hammer to beat up both grandparent and slit their throats after beating them.

After murdering the elderlies, Johnny Rider and Cassandra ordered some food and smoked some weed.

Cassandra Bjorge
Cassandra Bjorge’s action has left her mother, Amanda, in utter disbelief. (Source: Twitter)

They were so carefree about everything that they called their friends in the elderly’s home to host a party.

Their statements suggest that they opened the windows to hide the smell of the dead bodies.

Meanwhile, the details of the murder have left many people asking where Cassandra and her boyfriend, Johnny Rider, are now.

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Arrested After A Week On Run: Life Behind Bars For Johnny And Cassandra

The two were finally caught after over a week when they went to Johnny’s sister’s home to attack them.

Johnny and Cassandra acted suspiciously, making the police investigate more about them.

The police were quick to find out about their heinous crime.

Nonetheless, Johnny and Cassandra were arrested, and after a year, they both got a life sentence.

However, during the investigation process, various revelations came forward.

Caasnadra Bjorge mother amanda
Amanda Sterling must be in so much confusion after what has taken place in her family. (Source: Twitter)

Cassandra says that, soon after they entered her grandparents’ house, Johnny started beating up her grandma.

After seeing Johnny beating up her grandma, she felt a rush in her body, and it led her to attack them herself.

Johnny may have started it, but Cassandra was equally involved, so both went to prison.

Meanwhile, Johnny Rider and Cassandra are both still in prison as of now in 2023.

There is very little chance of them getting out of prison anytime soon.

Also, it is for the best of the public as the unpredictability of what they may do scares everyone.

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