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Why Is Joker Bannato Da On Twitch? Age Real Name And Family

People are curious why Joker Bannato da is on Twitch, as he has been removed from the partnership with Twitch.  

The well-known YouTuber and streamer JOk3R acknowledged his suspension from the Twitch platform through his Instagram stories; let’s find out all the specifics together.

In recent years, the Twitch platform and its Italian and international community have experienced rapid growth, ultimately emerging as the go-to resource for all fans of streaming and video games. 

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Twitch, which Amazon directly owns, offers a subscription that is entirely free to all Amazon Prime members and replaces those typically available for the individual channels.

What could go wrong with subscriptions, money, and bots in the online world?

Why Is Joker Bannato Da On Twitch?

The issue had just been brought to our attention by the JOk3R channel’s subscribers during a live marathon on Twitch.

Numerous Prime subscriptions had come during the program that viewers quickly recognized as bots. 

With an attempt to add credibility to the subscriptions by highlighting the date of establishment of the accounts concerned, which, in some cases, dates back to 2020, the streamer’s response had been, to put it mildly, dissatisfied.

JOk3r eating while streaming on twitch(Source: Instagram)

Users felt that the effort at an explanation was insufficient because the accuser had gone so far as to make very severe allegations.

The streamer’s rage erupted when the conversation mentioned the rumor that the bot registration process was used to transfer money back to Italy from winnings at international casinos.

Jok3r’s response was uncontrollable.

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The streamer’s channel has been suspended and is no longer visible in search results on Twitch as of a few hours later.

A notification warning that “the channel is unavailable due to a breach of the Community Guidelines or the Twitch Terms of Service” shows while attempting to connect to the related address.

All of this appears to validate the allegations against JOk3R, which would have employed shady tactics to raise its subscriber base and, consequently, its revenue.

However, in the absence of official confirmation, it is wise to maintain a healthy level of skepticism and reserve judgment until further details are available. Consequently, we confine ourselves to reporting the news.

Joker AKA J0k3R Real Name And Age Explored 

Simone Alessandrini, better known by his online alias J0k3R, is an Italian YouTuber and the brother of CiccioGamer89. He was born in Rome on August 19, 1991. 

According to 2024 JOk3R, age is 32 years old. 

2013 March 2 marks J0k3R’s channel launch. He posts Gears of War gameplay on YouTube, which is his specialty.

The Italian community, however, does not appear to be interested in films about that video game, and its channel needs help gaining subscribers.

J0k3R is persistent and strives to gain acceptance within the Youtube Italia community. 

He continued to upload additional video game walkthroughs, parodies, and tutorials as he tried them all until, at the beginning of 2014, thanks to several collaborations on his brother CiccioGamer89’s and Dexter’s channels.

J0k3R reached an ever-growing audience who follow him primarily for the FIFA and GTA 5 videos. With the help of this approach, the track went from 15,000 to 100,000 members in less than six months.

If 2014 were a year of accomplishments, objectives, and innovations, 2015 would be even better: J0k3R and Ciccio become the most well-known brother-and-sister YouTube duo in Italy. 

They participate in fairs and events and host crowds of admirers traveling from all over the peninsula to meet and take pictures with their favorite YouTubers.

After his brother, J0k3R also attained the much sought-after milestone of one million subscribers in 2016.

Joker AKA J0k3R Family Details Explored

There is no information about his family besides they are from Italy. 

His family might have been very secretive about their personal life as they do not come to JOk3R social media handles or in his stream. 

JOk3R With His Girlfriend (Source: Instagram)

He has several photos with his girlfriend, whose name has not been revealed yet. He is a guy who likes to spend time with his friends and stream as much as he can. 

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YouTuber Arakris is the author of every introduction of his works.

J0k3R is named after the same-called archenemy of the superhero Batman.

We all pondered what gamers were like without teeth, he said in a now-famous quote made famous by the Cerberus Podcast.



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