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Story Of Jon Romano The School Shooter: Does He Regret It In 2023?

Jon Romano, famous as a school shooter, seems apologetic about his past deeds. But is it simply a publicity stunt?

A 16-year-old, Jon Romano, in February 2004, carried out a school shooting. Fortunately, despite his ill intentions, he only managed to injure one teacher and some students.

This is mostly one of the earliest incidents of school shooting case that the media was heavily publicizing.

Recently, school shooting has become a relatively common case in the United States.

This incident of Jon Romano, despite not having any casualty, is still in the minds of New York Residents.

The incident specifically took place in Colombia High School. This high school was in a relatively safe location in East Greenbush, New York.

However, people are keen to know the story of Jon Romano and the school shooting event.

Story of Jon Romano: The School Shooter

Due to the lack of stringent security in high schools in 2004, Jon Romano conducted this act relatively easily.

Reports suggest that Jon Romano carried his brand-new shotgun inside a black case. He went easily past the main office and remained in a second-floor bathroom.

Jon Romano clearly was not in the right state of mind and may not have been a school shooter if given the right help.

However, Romano started the shooting spree within twenty minutes of being in the bathroom.

Romano initially forced another student back out of the bathroom. This was after he had been in the toilet for over twenty minutes.

Jon Romano school shooter in a conference
Jon Romano was released early due to his good record behind bars for over 15 years.

This was the turning point in this event, as Jon Romano had no way to turn but to go ahead and become a school shooter.

He fired at two students in the hallway when he came out of the bathroom with his shotgun.

Then, later, he moved from the hall towards the classroom to unleash his madness. He kept on flashing his gun at other students and teachers in a threatening manner.

Later, an Assistant Principal gathered the courage to come up against the now-school shooter, Jon Romano.

During this struggle, Jon Romano managed to get one more round off his shotgun. With this, he severely wounded a teacher.

After taking his shot at the teacher, Jon Romano was subdued and arrested.

Subsequently, Jon Romano’s plea bargain meant that he got a sentencing of being at Clinton Correctional Facility in New York for 20 years.

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Does Jon Romano Regret It In 2023?

Judging by Jon Romano’s actions while serving his time and after being released from prison, it seems safe to say that he strongly regrets his past actions.

Although people still do not forgive him for his past actions, Jon Romano is now helping the law.

Jon Romano during his TikTok video
Jon Romano is involving himself in social work and helping the police.

He heavily involves himself in helping people experiencing homelessness and also discusses depression.

Further, he clearly sees his act of violence as a phase of uncontrolled depression.

Jon Romano may always be branded as a school shooter. However, his recent good deeds provide him peace of mind.

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What Happened After His Release From Prison?

In 2020, Jon Romano, whose story as a school shooter was now quite well known, was controversially released early.

Further, bemusement followed for many as Jon Romano began a TikTok handle talking about being a school shooter in the past.

This act only propelled the controversy and created biased thoughts on people. However, overall, in his videos, Jon continues to remain remorseful about his prior actions.

Jon generally talks about depression and emphasizes that people should look towards its warning signs on their friends and family.

Further, Jon was a victim of a vicious attack in 2022.

Jon Romano post surgery after the fatal attack on him
In 2018, Jon Romano praised student activists working for gun control from prison.

He had a sword attack, causing critical injuries to his arms and legs. Despite surgery, he remained in a critical condition.

He also shared videos on his TikTok regarding his recovery, gaining him more followers and sympathy.

Many see this as redemption, and some even think of this as a fake stunt. However, a man named Randall D. Mason was in jail on the counts of attempt of second-degree murder.

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