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Jon Zherka Girlfriend Name Is Jenna: Relationship & Dating Timeline

With his abrasive and comedic personality, Jon Zherka quickly became a fan-favorite in the Twitch scene, leading people to search for more information about him, including the details of his girlfriend. So, who she is?

Jon Zherka is a renowned figure in the realms of nightlife, Twitch streaming, comedy, and digital content creation.

Likewise, he emerged into the spotlight with the overnight success of his debut video, amassing an impressive half a million likes.

Moreover, the streamer often features female Twitch stars on his streams.

Furthermore, he also engages with thousands of fans and followers on his accounts. 

Interestingly, he transformed his full-time nightclub bouncer into a Twitch streamer, comedian, and digital content creator. 

After gaining popularity, many people started searching for more details about Jon Zherka, his family, and his girlfriend.

Who is Jon Zherka? Early Life and Education

Jon Zherka is a famous Albanian-Canadian professional online streamer and comedian born in Kosovo on February 23, 1995. 

The now 29-year-old streamer comes from a family of war survivors. His family fled from their homeland during the Kosovo War, and the Clinton Foundation assisted them in seeking refuge in Canada.

It was hard for them, considering the transition from living in an upper-class family in Kosovo to becoming a refugee in Canada.

However, his family’s situation improved as time went on during his adolescence.

Though he spent some part of his childhood as a refugee, it’s clear that Zherka grew up in a loving environment alongside his sister Julia and a fraternal twin brother.

Likewise, he also has a stepsister named Mia Malkova and a stepbrother whose name is unknown.

Jon Zherka posing with his goggles
Jon Zherka has amassed more than 153k subscribers on his YouTube channel. (Source: Youtube)

While growing up, Zherka showed interest in video games and streaming, which drove him to pursue a career in media. 

He kickstarted his social media career by launching a Twitch channel on January 9, 2019, and amassed 500k views on his first live stream on the platform.

Then, he moved to the latest streaming platform, Kick and Youtube, where he has more than 153k subscribers.

And now, people know him as a streamer, and he has quite a decent fan following, which is expected to increase soon. 

With this, people seek more details about him. Moreover, they seem to be more interested in knowing the girlfriend of Jon Zherka, especially after the rumor of him dating Canadian internet celebrity, Jenna Twitch.

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Jon Zherka Girlfriend: Who Is He Dating?

According to the rumors, Jon Zherka is dating a fellow Twitch streamer and social star, Jenna Twitch.

However, they have never spoken about it clearly to the public. But, some investigations point out that Jenna Twitch has been the girlfriend of Jon Zherka before.

Per the reports, they first met on Rajjchelor in 2019 and started seeing each other.

However, authentication is yet to come as neither individual has addressed the rumor. 

Jon Zherka streaming live
Jon Zherka never gave up on his dreams and continued even after deleting his Twitch channel. (Source: Youtube)

Also, they both claim they are single and are not involved in love affairs. So, after all this, nothing can be said about their relationships.

Now, moving on to his rumored girlfriend,  she is a 24-year-old Canadian internet celebrity.

Further, she is famous for her chat sessions and often streams live broadcasts of her gaming sessions.

At the moment, both seem to be entirely concentrated on building their career rather than being stuck in relationships.

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