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Who Is Jonathan Dimbleby Wife Jessica Ray? Meet Daughters Daisy And Gwendolen

Get insights into Jonathan Dimbleby wife, Jessica Ray. Also, meet his daughters, Daisy and Gwendolen. 

British journalist and BBC Radio 4 host Jonathan Dimbleby, a fixture since 1987, is not only a radio stalwart but also an author, penning works on Prince Charles and the Battle of the Atlantic.

Amidst his professional success, questions linger about his wife, Jessica Ray, shrouded in relative mystery with scant public details.

Dimbleby’s family life remains private, leaving the public to speculate on the dynamics of his personal sphere.

As he continues to engage audiences through his radio show and written contributions, the enigma surrounding his domestic life adds an extra layer of intrigue to his public persona.

Beyond the airwaves and written word, Dimbleby’s familial privacy underscores the delicate balance between public figures and private individuals, leaving fans and observers to wonder about the untold aspects of this seasoned journalist’s life.

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Jonathan Dimbleby Wife: Who Is Jessica Ray?

Publicist Jessica Ray entered the life of British journalist Jonathan Dimbleby in 2004, a year after he faced the heartbreaking loss of his lover, Susan Chilcott—an opera singer succumbing to cancer.

Dimbleby, who had left his first wife, Bel Mooney, a Daily Mail columnist, to be with Chilcott during her final weeks, articulated feeling compelled to follow his heart and sense of duty.

Amidst this period of grief, Jessica Ray became Dimbleby’s anchor, helping him navigate what he described as “double grief.”

Jonathan Dimbleby wife
Jonathan Dimbleby, once entwined with ex-wife Bel Mooney, followed his heart to embrace a love with Susan Chilcott. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

Their connection deepened, leading to a small ceremony in Dartmouth, Devon, where they exchanged vows in March 2007.

Notably, Ray, 32 years Dimbleby’s junior, defying age disparities, became his life partner.

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Dimbleby, known for his wit, once playfully remarked about the age gap, quipping that Ray was “young enough to be my granddaughter.”

Yet, he emphasized that age was inconsequential in their relationship, highlighting shared interests and values as the foundation of their enduring connection.

Meet Jonathan Dimbleby Daughters Daisy And Gwendolen

Jonathan Dimbleby and Jessica Ray have two daughters: Daisy, born in July 2007, and Gwendolen, born in August 2009.

Dimbleby also has two grown-up children from his first marriage: Daniel, a film director, and Kitty, a journalist.

The British journalist has said that he is more attentive to his younger children than he was to his older ones and that age has helped him achieve a healthier balance.

Jonathan Dimbleby Daughters
Jonathan Dimbleby, with Jessica, showered attention on newborn Daisy, a commitment he felt surpassed his earlier parenting with Bel Mooney. (Image Source: The Telegraph)

He also said that he enjoys being a father again and that his daughters keep him young and active.

He often takes them for walks and plays tennis with them. He also trains with a tennis coach and walks long distances to stay fit.

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In 2015, he did a fundraising walk of 50 kilometers for Dimbleby Cancer Care, the charity he set up with his brother David in memory of their father Richard Dimbleby, who died of cancer in 1965.

Dimbleby is proud of his family and has said that they are his greatest achievement. He has also said that he is very happy with his wife Jessica Ray and that they have a strong and loving relationship.


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