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Jordan Douglas Krah Racist, Homophobic Rant At San Ramon In-N-Out, Arrest And Charges

Jordan Douglas Krah from Colorado was arrested after making racist comments to two girls.

A Colorado man was arrested Monday after claiming he attacked two college students dining at an In-N-Out in the Bay Area on Christmas Eve with a racist and homophobic tirade. Arine Kim and Elliot Ha, the students, captured the interaction on camera for a now-viral TikTok.

According to Police, a popular TikTok video shows a Colorado man making bigoted, racist remarks toward other diners at an East Bay In-N-Out restaurant, leading to his arrest for violating California’s hate crime laws.

The Police chief of San Ramon named the suspect as Denver resident Jordan Douglas Krah, 40. The incident took place on Christmas Eve night. The video received millions of views quickly after being posted the next day.

Jordan Douglas Krah Racist: What Did He Say?

Jordan Doughlas Krah is allegedly seen harassing Kim and Ha in the video, making racist remarks about their sexual orientations and inquiring about their racial backgrounds and ethnicities.

He is even seen coming back to question the pair after leaving. He then tells them to go outside to see him before threatening to spit in their faces.

SanRamonPolice personnel have arrested Denver resident Jordan Douglas Krah (Source: Twitter)

After the two left the restaurant, Kim told CBS Bay Area that she and Elliot were shaking and stuttering towards the end while Krah continued to stare at them for ten to fifteen minutes. Ha told CBS Bay Area that the staff members were accommodating and that they asked if they could walk them to their car to ensure Krah wasn’t nearby.

The San Ramon Police Department claims that the video’s viral status was instrumental in assisting authorities in locating both the victims and the suspect.

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Police contacted Kim and Ha via social media after seeing the TikTok, which had almost ten million views as of Monday night. Following that, they launched a criminal investigation.

Jordan Douglas Homophobic Rant At San Ramon In-N-Out

Jordan Police claim that Douglas Krah of Denver approached the victims without provocation and hurled homophobic and racial slurs at them, making the two victims fear for their safety.

Jordan Doughlas Krah made the two girls feel uncomfortable. (Source: cbsnews.com)

Two diners are seen in the TikTok video that was used to record the conversation sampling various menu items. Jordan, in the background, asks if they are filming themselves while eating and claims they are “weird homosexuals.”

After the diners ‘ stunned expressions, Jordan then queries whether they are Japanese or Korean. The suspect claims she is Kim Jong Un’s girlfriend after one of them replies, “Korean,” by saying that’s what he thought.

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The suspect continues calling himself “a slavemaster” and using a homophobic slur as the diners tensely laugh.

Jordan Douglas Krah Arrest And Charges: Where Is He Now?

The San Ramon Police Department has announced that 40-year-old Jordan Douglas Krah is facing two counts of committing a hate crime.

On Twitter, San Ramon Police Chief Denton Carlson disclosed that one of the people in the video had contacted them using social media.

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Following an investigation into the two victims, San Ramon Police detained Krah and lodged him in the Martinez Detention Facility on Monday afternoon. Krah was taken into custody at the Martinez County Jail at 4 pm local time on Monday after being booked there.


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