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Jordan Neely Religion: Was He Christian or Jewish? Ethnicity And Origin

Jordan Neely Religion: Neteizens are eager to know about Neely’s faith even after his death. Here’s what we know about him.

Jordan Neely was a 30-year-old man from the United States of America. He used to be a Michael Jackson tribute artist who used to perform on the street and had made headlines for many reasons.

Meanwhile, Neely’s name came into media prominence following his death on May 1, 2023, as he was choked to death by an alleged U.S. Marine veteran named Daniel Penny.

Daniel placed Neely in a chokehold while they were riding the F train in Manhattan on the New York City Subway. Witnesses have said that Jordan was seen in a hostile and erratic manner.

Jordan Neely Religion: Was He Christian or Jewish?

Jordan Neely’s religion is among people’s search following his death. Many speculations have risen on social media regarding Neely’s faith, but whether he was Christian or Jewish can’t be confirmed.

Some people on social media have assumed that Jordan may have followed Christianity, while some speculated he may have followed the Jewish religion.

Jordan Neely Religion
Jordan Neely was an Afro-American male who died after getting choked for several minutes. (Source: NBC News)

At the time of this writing, none of the media sources have reported anything about Neely’s personal life or religion. However, we will surely give you some updates about this topic soon after getting more info.

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Jordan Neely Ethnicity And Origin Explored

Jordan Neely’s ethnicity was Afro-American. According to an online report, Neely was raised in Bayonne, New Jersey, by his parents, Andre and Christie. It is said that his origin was from Africa. 

Exploring online sources, Jordan’s parents seem to have separated a long time ago as Andre lived away. Furthermore, Neely’s mother, Christie, was a telemarketer, and at the time of her death, she was 36 years old.

Christie was murdered by her own boyfriend named, Shawn Southerland, in 2007. After his mother’s death, Jordan didn’t remain the same, and it is believed that he struggled with his mental health.

jordan neely
Jordan Neely was a Michael Jackson tribute dancer whose street performance was loved by many. (Source: Curbed)

On the other hand, Jordan’s father has come forward and talked about his son in an interview. Andre said his son was a good kid and didn’t have any bad intentions; he just needed help.

Moreover, Jordan is still receiving tributes and condolence messages on social media following his tragic death, which came just at the age of 30.

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Where Is Jordan Neely Killer Daniel Penny Now?

Jordan Neely was choked to death by Daniel Penny, and the man is currently facing a criminal investigation. He is being investigated in relation to Jordan’s death.

Due to that, a fundraiser has been organized, and many people have already donated in support of Daniel. The fundraiser was started on GiveSendGo. The person who began the fundraiser has claimed that it was organized to support Daniel and pay for his legal fees.

Daniel Penny
Daniel Penny was the one who choked Jordan Neely for several minutes before his death in a moving train. (Source: Task & Purpose)

So, people are also criticizing him, while many have also shown support for Daniel. On the other hand, the family of Jordan has also released a statement saying that Daniel should be in prison for his cruel action.

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