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Jordan Silva Arbitro Video and Fotos Viral on Twitter: Story Explained

Jordan Silva Arbitro Video still causes a stir on the internet, which is an incident from 2013. Keep reading today’s article to find out more about the incident.

Jordan Silva was a Brazilian soccer referee whose name came into the media after a horrible incident that happened during a football game on June 30, 2013.

Besides, Silva was 20 years old at the time of his tragic death. On the day he was officiating the game between two teams that happened in Pio XII, Maranhão.

In the middle of the game, Silva sent off a player named Josemir Santos Abreu, but the 30-year-old player refused to leave the field; instead, he began fighting with the referee.

The whole moment became dark when the news of their death was shared. So, if you are here to discover about this dark moment, keep reading till the end.

Jordan Silva Arbitro Video and Fotos Viral on Twitter

Jordan Silva Arbitro video and fotos have gone viral on Twitter and other social media handles too. The photos are related to an incident from 2013 as Arbitro was beaten to death after he stabbed a player in the field during a heated altercation.

Initially, the video went viral on Reddit, but lately, people have been searching for the images and clips on Twitter too.

Jordan Silva Arbitro Video
Jordan Silva Arbitro was beaten to death in a horrible way, and his video went viral online. ( Source: Buzz Feed News )

The extremely graphic video and photos of the referee shocked everyone, which showed Silva’s body that was injured badly. The family and relatives of the player who was stabbed cut off Silva’s legs and beheaded him, putting his head on a pike in the center of the football ground.

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Jordan Silva Arbitro Murder Story Explained

On June 30, 2013, Jordan Silva officiated a game in Pio XII, Maranhão. During that time, he showed a red card and sent off a player, Josemir Santos Abreu.

Despite that, Abreu didn’t leave the field, but he began fighting with Silva. Abreu allegedly threw a punch at Silva. So, to defend himself and respond to the punch, Silva drew a knife from his pocket and stabbed the player in the chest.

Jordan Silva Murder
Jordan Silva was a young football referee from Brazil who died in 2013. ( Source:Hoybolivia  )

It is said that Silva stabbed the player twice. Following that, Abreu was taken to the hospital but died on the way. On the other hand, Abreu’s friends and family were angered by the moment, and when they knew about Abreu’s death, they went crazy.

So, they invaded the pitch and stoned Silva. After that, they decapitated him, quartered him and put Silva’s head on a stake in the pitch. 

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The Aftermath of Jordan Silva Arbitro Murder

When the report of the death of a referee and a football player went viral, it shocked the world as it had never happened in soccer history. The horrible incident happened before the 2014 World Cup that created many questions about safety.

Following the cruel death of Silva, one person named Luiz Moraes de Souza was arrested and taken into custody. Not only that, but Police were looking for two more people, including Abreu’s brother.

A photo of the 2013 incident when the referee was beaten to death. ( Source: Periodista Digital )

Police chief Valter Costa was cited as saying, “One crime never justifies another crime.” It’s been nearly a decade since the incident, but the video of Silva’s dead body still makes rounds online. 

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