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Motorcross Racer: Who Is Josh Demuth Wife Leticia Demuth? Meet His Children

Josh Demuth’s wife, Leticia, was an important source of support and encouragement throughout his career as a professional motocross racer.

Josh Demuth was a professional motocross racer who made a name for himself through his tenacity and competitive spirit. 

Josh had a successful career that spanned over two decades and was widely regarded as one of the best riders of his time.

Unfortunately, Demuth passed away in 2023, leaving a wife and children behind. 

Take a closer look at his family, including his wife Leticia and his children, and the circumstances surrounding his death.

Josh Demuth Wife: Who Is Leticia Demuth? 

Leticia Demuth is the wife of the late Josh Demuth.

Not much is known about Leticia’s personal life, as she has kept a low profile throughout her husband’s career. However, she was an important part of his life, as the two were married for many years and had children together.

Josh will always be remembered as a talented and dedicated athlete. (Source: vitalmx.com)

Leticia was undoubtedly a source of support and encouragement for Josh as he faced many challenges throughout his career.

She was there to celebrate his victories and console him in his defeats. Despite the demands of being a professional athlete, Josh and Leticia managed to maintain a strong and loving relationship.

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Josh Demuth’s gratitude towards his loved ones and faith was a testament to his character and values.

Meet Josh Demuth Children

Josh Demuth has four children, as he mentioned in the interview.

His oldest son, Devon, is 23 years old as of 2024. His daughter, Sutton, is 24 years old. His son Brody is 17 years old. The youngest child, Bru, was a toddler at the interview and would be around 10 in 2024.

In the interview, Josh Demuth was asked if he would support his children if they wanted to pursue a career in racing, given his own experiences and struggles with the sport.

Demuth expressed that he would support his children’s decisions to race but acknowledged the difficulties that come with it.

He expressed that he would not want to see his children go through the same struggles, but he also noted that they have seen what he went through and understand the sacrifices and hard work it takes to succeed in racing.

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Ultimately, Demuth believed that his children should be able to choose their paths and would support them regardless of their decision. 

Josh Demuth Passed Away: Death Cause

Tragically, Josh Demuth passed away, and the news of his death sent shockwaves throughout the motocross community.

The passing of Josh Demuth was a great loss to the motocross community and to his family and loved ones. (Source: racerxonline.com)

He was widely respected and admired for his talent and dedication to the sport. The exact cause of Demuth’s death has not been publicly disclosed, but reports suggest that he suffered a heart attack while at home with his family.

The news of his passing was confirmed by his wife, Leticia, who posted a message on social media expressing her grief and thanking everyone for their support.

In the wake of his death, many of Demuth’s friends and fellow riders paid tribute to him, highlighting his talent and his kind and generous nature. 

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He was remembered as a fierce competitor who always gave his all on the track and as a loving husband and Father who put his family first.


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