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Is Josh Giddey Girlfriend Liv Cook? Underage Controversy

Internet reports claim Australian basketball player Josh Giddey is dating an underage girl named Liv Cook, fueling speculation about his alleged history of relationships. So, is Liv Cook the Girlfriend Of Josh Giddey?

Josh Giddey is a 21-year-old Australian professional basketball player playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA.

He made history as the youngest player in the NBA to achieve a triple-double at 19 and 84 days old.

Josh, drafted sixth overall by the Thunder in 2021, demonstrates exceptional talent, heralding a promising NBA career.

Josh’s achievements echo Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson, marking a historic breakthrough since 1961 with successive records.

As a rising star, reports are circulating on the internet that Australian basketball player Josh Giddy is dating an underage girl.

Hence, this topic has been the talk of the town, and people are eager to know whether Liv is the girlfriend of Josh Giddey as it is still a big mystery.

Is Liv Cook the Girlfriend Of Josh Giddey? Controversy After Underage Rumor

Recent buzz suggests Josh Giddey is romantically linked with Liv Cook, who is believed to be an underage girl. So, what’s the reality?

In November 2023, an anonymous online user accused Josh Giddey of being involved in a concerning underage relationship.

Liv Cook, the alleged girlfriend of Josh Giddey, is reportedly a high school junior around 16 or 17 years old.

This suggests a five-year age gap between them, igniting controversy and worry among fans and observers.

However, the accuracy of this information remains uncertain, with speculation continuing to cloud the situation.

Further, many NBA fans investigated Liv Cook, finding her active on TikTok and engaged in club volleyball.

Josh Giddey strikes a winning basket for his team.
At just 21, Josh Giddey has taken the basketball world by storm. (Source: Instagram)

However, after a controversial solid clip went viral, their relationship rumor became the headlines.

Controversy sparked when a private Instagram page leaked footage of Josh Giddey near Liv Cook.

The page leveled grave accusations, suggesting Liv Cook’s age gap with the 21-year-old athlete, prompting legal and age concerns.

While the accusations and viral videos circulate on social media, it’s crucial to acknowledge that they remain unverified.

As speculation persists, it’s vital to await further developments and official statements regarding Josh Giddey and Liv Cook’s relationship.

Nevertheless, people should concentrate on the career and success of Josh Giddey instead of controversies and speculations regarding his relationship and girlfriend.

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Everything To Know About Josh Giddey

Joshua James Giddey, or Josh Giddey, was born in Melbourne on October 10, 2002, to professional basketball players.

Talking about his parents, Josh’s father, Warrick Giddey, played basketball and was a longtime player for the Melbourne Tigers in Australia.

Likewise, his mother, Kim Giddey, played for the Tigers in the Women’s National Basketball League.

Also, Josh Giddey’s sister, Hannah, is a basketball player who played forward for Oral Roberts Golden Eagles for two years. 

As for his upbringing, he was raised in Yarraville, where he attended St Kevin’s College. Further, Josh studied at UC Senior Secondary College Lake Ginninderra.

A training session of Josh with his baskeball team.
Josh Giddey represented Australia before playing in the NBA. (Source: Instagram)

Then, Josh Giddey began his professional basketball career in 2020 when he played for the club Adelaide 36ers.

In the NFL, he also signed with the Adelaide 36ers to continue his basketball career for the long term.

Nonetheless, he marked his notable debut for the Australia national basketball team during the 2021 FIBA Asia Cup qualification.

Thus, Josh Giddey is also popular on Instagram, with over 510k followers, showcasing his social media influence.

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