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Love Trip Paris: Is Josielyn Aguilera Transgender? Gender And Sexuality

If you are a rom-com fan, you must have heard about the Love Trip: Paris series, which is all set to release on Feb 14. As Josielyn Aguilera is also one of the main leads, many want to know more about her. Searches about “Is Josielyn Aguilera Transgender” can also be found on the web.

Josielyn Aguilera is a powerhouse. She is a confident fashion model embracing her flaws and is an emerging actress.

The up-and-coming star has been involved in the modeling profession for a long time now and is continuing the sector with greater motivation and confidence, resulting in her gradual growth in the entertainment industry.

Aguilera made her on-screen debut with the movie Jacked as Amira in 2022, and later, she appeared in the TV series Not So Straight in Silver Lake and Quantum Leap.

Moreover, she was recently featured on the Love Trip: Paris series, whose first episode is about to release on February 14, 2023. 

The series’ trailer looks promising, and people are loving Josielyn’s performance and the way she is shining on-screen. 

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Love Trip Paris: Is Josielyn Aguilera Transgender? Gender And Sexuality

Since Josielyn is gaining attention and popularity because of her work, fans want to discover more about her personal life, including her gender and sexuality.

On the other hand, the model hasn’t come out publically, and she has shared very few details regarding her sexuality.

Is Josielyn Aguilera Transgender
Josielyn Aguilera in her Love Trip Paris series poster. (Source: Instagram)

However, according to Distractify, Josielyn came out as trans in high school and also transformed during that time.

She endured despite feeling misunderstood by her community and now appears to exude confidence. Her pronouns are she/her, and she has proudly showcased to the world her true self.

Although much is left to discover about Josielyn’s sexuality, many people keep admiring her spirit and confidence. 

Who Is Josielyn Aguilera Dating In 2023? 

Coming out as a trans must have been difficult, but Josielyn has managed to survive all hardships. 

With rising fame, people are also interested to know about Aguilera’s love life. So, who is the rising star dating? Get the inside scoop on Josielyn Aguilera’s romantic life and how she’s utilizing her recent stardom!

Is Josielyn Aguilera Transgender
Josielyn Aguilera at the slay model search 2022 finale event. (Source: Instagram)

Although Josielyn doesn’t appear to be dating anyone, this could soon change.

Together with Rose Zilaba, Lacy Hartselle, and Caroline Renner, Josielyn created the worldwide dating show Love Trip: Paris in 2022.

The women packed their bags for a chance to find love abroad, according to the synopsis of the Freeform television program.

Four American girls who were unsuccessful in finding love in their own nation move into a penthouse in the center of Paris only to discover a floor full of French suitors who are eager to set them up.

Is this couple’s romantic vacation to Paris their one-way ticket to love, or are they on their way to heartache in a foreign tongue?

Nonetheless, Josielyn’s media handles don’t show any sign of a relationship, and we couldn’t discover any details on her dating history.

The fashion model may be dating someone later once Love Trip: Paris airs on Freeform. Additionally, she likely signed an NDA not to talk about her matches until the show starts, and the new star doesn’t want to mess up her coin.

Josielyn Aguilera Net Worth In 2023 Explored 

According to Facts Podium, Josielyn Aguilera has a staggering net worth of approximately $400 thousand.

She has accumulated this wealth as a result of her successful acting and modeling career, which has given her a consistent flow of income.

Additionally, the model also earns money via brand endorsements, TV advertisements, and sponsorship partnerships in addition to her acting and modeling jobs.

These extra sources of income have significantly increased Josielyn’s overall net worth throughout the years.

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