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Who Is Joy Hofmeister Husband Gerald Hofmeister, Son James Hofmeister And Net Worth

People are curious to know about Joy Hofmeister husband, Gerald Hofmeister, as she is running for the governor in the coming elections. 

Joy Lynn Hofmeister is an educator and politician from Oklahoma who has been the state’s Superintendent of Public Instruction since 2015. 

After defeating Democratic candidate John Cox in the general election and incumbent Republican candidate Janet Barresi in the primary, Hofmeister was inaugurated as Oklahoma’s 14th State Superintendent on January 12.

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Joy was re-elected State Superintendent on November 6, 2018, and was sworn in for a second four-year term on January 14, 2019. 

Hofmeister was re-elected after running a second time against Democrat John Cox and independent candidate Larry Huff.

During Hofmeister’s first term as State Superintendent, Hofmeister oversaw the development of “Oklahoma Edge,” an eight-year strategic plan built on four pillars.

 Each is supported by actionable strategies, six measurable goals, and an equal number of initiatives designed to meet specific Oklahoma student needs and drive progress.

Who Is Joy Hofmeister Husband Gerald Hofmeister And Son James Hofmeister? 

Joy Hofmeister’s husband, Gerald Hofmeister, is a municipal judge in Tulsa. 

Hofmeister has four children, all of whom went to Jenks Public Schools in Oklahoma. Hofmeister served as an officer on the Jenks Public Schools Foundation Board of Directors.

Hofmeister and her spouse Gerald Hofmeister currently reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hofmeister identifies as a Southern Baptist.

Joy Hofmeister Husband
Joy Hofmeister With Her Husband And Children 

Joy has always prioritized her faith and family. Joy dropped out of college to support her husband Jerry’s call to ministry when he was attending a Baptist seminary. She returned to school and graduated at the top of her class, ever determined.

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Joy and Jerry have four grown children; their first grandchild, Willa, was born recently! Joy’s children are all raised in Oklahoma, a blessing she hopes to extend to every Oklahoma family.

A man in his late 30s or early 40s recently appeared in Hofmeister’s courtroom with over a dozen convictions for driving without insurance and driving without insurance in Oklahoma, resulting in an indefinite suspension of a person’s driver’s license.

There is not much information about her son James. 

Joy Hofmeister Net Worth [Current-Year]

The net worth of Joy Hofmeister is under review. Her basic salary, as per Ballotpedia, is $124,373 being a politician.

Joy is a former public school teacher and the owner of a Kumon afterschool program in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She worked in the commercial sector for 15 years, running Kumon Math & Reading Centers of South Tulsa. 

This group works with parents to improve children’s academic achievement. She worked with almost 4,000 students to enhance their educational performance.

Hofmeister earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Texas Christian University.

She is now pursuing her master’s degree in Education Administration with a specialization in Education Policy and Law at the University of Oklahoma.

Governor Mary Fallin named Hofmeister to the Oklahoma State Board of Education in January 2012 to fill the vacancy left by Phil Larkin Jr. The latter resigned after being elected to Tulsa’s city council. 

Hofmeister criticized Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction Janet Barresi’s A-F grading scheme for schools while serving on the State Board of Education. On April 24, 2013, she resigned from the board.

Joy Hofmeister 2022 Gubernatorial Campaign

Hofmeister switched from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party in 2021 to run for governor in 2022.

Hofmeister “describes herself as a moderate who can appeal to Oklahoma Republicans disillusioned with the party’s Trumpist shift to the right” and takes a “centrist stance on several critical policy issues, including abortion rights, taxation, and school-based race education.”

Joy Hofmeister
Former Republican Joy Hofmeister will run against Governor Kevin Stitt in Oklahoma in November. (Source: NPR)

Joy stated that he had made McGirt v. Oklahoma a “political issue” in his campaign against Governor Kevin Stitt.

Some Democrats “think Hofmeister would be the appropriate candidate to appeal to moderate Republicans willing to transcend party lines,” according to reports.

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She claimed that abortion is a “healthcare decision between a woman and her doctor, and it must remain that way” before Roe v. Wade was repealed in 2022. 

Hofmeister and Stitt have previously clashed over school vouchers and education financing.



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