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Judge Judy Is Not Gay Instead Is Married To Jerry Sheindlin. Kids Family And Net Worth

Judge Judy Gay’s rumor has been circulating on social media as people are curious to know more about her personal life.

Judith Susan Sheindlin, better known as Judge Judy, is an American court show arbitrator, media personality, television producer, author, philanthropist for women’s advancement, former prosecutor, and Manhattan family court judge.

She passed her New York state bar exam the same year she graduated and was hired as a corporate lawyer for a cosmetics firm in 1965.

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Throughout its 25-season run, Judge Judy remained the top Nielsen-rated show among all court show programming, averaging 9 to 10 million daily viewers.

Judge Judy Is Not Gay Instead Is Married To Jerry Sheindlin.

Judy Judy is not gay; instead, she is married to Jerry Sheindlin. The homosexual allegation began during her concert, as fans were curious about her sexuality.

Sheindlin is presently married to her second husband, the respected Jerry Sheindlin. They married in 1977, barely one year after her divorce from Ronald Levy.

Judge Judy
Judge Judy and her husband, Jerry Sheindlin (Source: Variety)

She states her first husband, Levy, considered her career as little more than a pastime, which, in retrospect, was the largest understatement of the century. In the end, the marriage was doomed. They have two kids together.

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Judy is 79 years old, and Jerry is 88. They are still going strong, having spent nearly 45 years together. They have five children, three from her first marriage, two from his, and 13 grandchildren.

Does Judge Judy Have Kids? Are Her Kids Lawyer?

Despite her tough exterior, Judge Judy is not difficult to satisfy off-screen. She is, nonetheless, the mother of five adult children.

Judy and her first husband, Ronald Levy, a juvenile court prosecutor whom she married in 1964, had two children, Jamie and Adam. After 12 years of marriage, the couple decided to split.

Judge Judy’s daughters Adam, and Nicol (Source: Distractify)

Judy went on to have three stepchildren, Gregory, Jonathan, and Nicole, as well as 13 grandchildren.

Interestingly, three of her children are lawyers as well. Adam Levy worked as a prosecutor in Putnam County, New York.

Gregory and Nicole are both attorneys. Nicole and her mother co-founded “Her Honor Mentoring,” a program that pairs female high school seniors with who she had successful female career people.

Judge Judy Family Ethnicity Explored

Judy was born in Germany to a Jewish family from Russia and Ukraine. She is the daughter of Murray (Father) and Ethel Blum (mother). 

Her Father was an army dentist, and she has a younger brother, David, who is also a dentist. In 2021, Judge Judy will be 79 years old.

Murray was drafted into the military (WWII). They relocated to military facilities in Texas and Virginia because he was a dentist. Her only recollection of that period is the soldiers teaching her nasty songs. She enjoyed performing. 

They moved back to Brooklyn when she was three and settled at 225 Parkside Ave. Her grandparents and her mother’s two sisters resided in the apartment building. 

They moved to 2420 Ocean Ave., a single-family House where her Father had his private practice, in 1952.

She attended James Madison High School in Brooklyn. In 1963, Judith received a Bachelor of Arts degree in government from American University in Washington, D.C. She was the only female in her 126-student class.

How Much Is Judge Judy’s Net Worth 2024?

According to Forbes, Judge Judy Sheindlin is presently worth $460 million. 

She made the most of her money as Judge Judy on television. Judge Judy has been on television for over 25 years and has earned over $600 million during that period.

She was one of the wealthiest and most renowned persons of her period. She was the most well-known and rich person who ever lived. 

Her previous deal was for $200 million over five years. Therefore her annual pay was $40 million, which has helped her to increase her net worth.



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