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Julia Haart Divorce settlement Reddit: Is She Broke? Family And Net Worth

Julia Haart’s divorce settlement has become a topic of discussion on Reddit after she sued her ex-husband.

Julia Haart accused her ex-husband Silvio Scaglia of defrauding her of significant stocks and earnings from their companies after filing for divorce in February.

In June 2019, according to the 45-page lawsuit submitted to New York State Supreme Court, Scaglia “begged” his then-fiancée Haart to take on the role of CEO of EWG. She claims he persuaded her to agree to EWG paying a management fee of 2% of their annual revenue to the parent Company, over which they would be equal partners, rather than taking a salary from the business.

Julia Haart Divorce Settlement: Is She Broke?

Amid their divorce, Julia Haart is suing Silvio Scaglia for more than $257 million.

The 51-year-old My Unorthodox Life co-star sued her estranged husband, business partner, and co-star Scaglia, 63, on Friday after she filed for divorce in February, claiming that Scaglia is a “liar and a fraud” who cheated her out of their businesses.

Julia Haart and her ex husband Silvio Scaglia (Source: people.com)

In court documents obtained by PEOPLE, which also name accounting firm DDK & Company’s Jeffrey Feinman and Elite World Group’s Group Chief Executive Officer Paolo Barbieri as defendants, Haart describes an alleged scheme on Scaglia’s behalf to defraud her of significant stocks and earnings from Elite World Group and its parent Company Freedom Holding, Inc.

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But in a statement to PEOPLE, Scaglia’s attorney refuted her assertions, saying that Haart’s claims of 50 percent ownership have already been rejected by one court. Representatives did not answer a request for comment from PEOPLE for Feinman and Barbieri.

Julia Haart Family Details: Who Are They?

Julia Haart, born in Moscow in 1971, is the oldest of eight kids. When she was three years old, she and her parents emigrated to Austin, Texas.

At age 5, one of her siblings passed away in a car accident. Her parents and other siblings stopped communicating with her after leaving her Orthodox community; only one of her siblings, Hannah, is close to her.

With her first husband, Yosef Hendler, Haart has four kids. They are Aron, Miriam, Shlomo, and Batsheva. Social media influencer Batsheva, whose last name is Haart, was wed to Binyamin “Ben” Weinstein from 2012 until their divorce in November 2021.

Miriam has also taken on the last name Haart of her mother.

Aron, a high school student, divides his time between his parents’ homes in Monsey and Manhattan.

In June 2019, Silvio Scaglia, a billionaire businessman from Italy, and Haart married. She filed for divorce, and on the same day, she lost her job as chief Executive officer in February 2022.

Julia Haart Net Worth In 2024 Revealed

According to finty.com, Julia Haart’s net worth is $8 Million.

That meant that roughly $500,000 of her net worth came from EWG alone based on her co-ownership status. More than 5,000 actors, musicians, models, and other professionals are represented globally by the “talent media” Company. Julia added that the business assists its well-known clients in utilizing social media so they can have a successful and stable career off the runway.

Julia Haart and her estranged husband Silvio Scaglia (Source: usatoday.com)

Silvio Scaglia, an Italian businessman and Julia’s ex-husband, was a coworker at Elite World Group. According to Trend Net Worth, her CEO position brought in almost $2 million yearly or $400,000 monthly.

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According to The Guardian, the stars of reality shows typically earn more money than the competitors in competition series. Julia probably earned a sizable sum of money from her role in the show’s first season.



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