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Is Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Gay? Gender & Sexuality

With the rising controversies of Julian Assange regarding extradition cases, rumors about his sexuality have also been on the trend, making people wonder if he is gay or not. So, what is the truth? Let’s find out!

Hailing from Australia, Julian Paul Assange is an editor, publisher, and activist who founded WikiLeaks in 2006.

He gained global prominence in 2010 after WikiLeaks released a series of leaks from US Army intelligence analysts.

Julian Assange has been awarded numerous accolades for his contributions to publishing and journalism.

Moreover, by the age of 16, Julian’s strong hacking skills led to his imprisonment.

Recently, the founder of WikiLeaks has been in massive speculation about his gender and sexuality.

So what are the speculations and rumors all about targeting Julian Assange portraying gay? Let us explore below in this article.

Is Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Gay? Gender & Sexuality Of Wikileaks Founder

Prominent figures frequently captivate public interest due to their rapid ascent despite personal matters.

This time, it is Julian Assange, a well-known editor and founder of WikiLeaks, whose gay rumors have spread all over the internet. So, is Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Gay? 

Well, the rumor regarding Julian Assange being gay is completely baseless.

To this date, the founder of Wikileaks, Julian, has been married two times to women, first with Teresa Assange and currently with his wife, Stella Assange. 

Following accusations of sex crimes against two Swedish women in August, rumors about Assange’s sexuality may have arisen.

An image of Julian demostrating his freedom from imprisonment.
Julian’s net worth is more than $2 million as of 2024.

Further, his defenders claim innocence, dismissing allegations as malicious, trumped-up, or politically motivated conspiracy.

Likewise, the rape charges have merged with allegations of espionage and other perceived offenses by his critics.

Moreover, Julian Assange has not come out as gay or about his sexual orientation during interviews and pronouncements.

It is also worth noting that these claims do not provide factual evidence, and Julian continues focusing on his congressman duties.

Nonetheless, people should be more into the career success of Julian Assange rather than engaging in such baseless speculations.

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Sneak Peek Into Career Of Julian Assange

Julian Assange, or Julian Paul Hawkins, was born in Townsville, Queensland, on July 3, 1971.

Having a nomadic childhood, Julian lived in more than 30 Australian towns and cities and attended many schools.

Further, he studied programming, math, and physics at Central Queensland University and the University of Melbourne but didn’t finish.

Moreover, at a very young age, Julian started hacking, which changed his life in a few years.

After that, Julian and his two friends founded a hacking group named The International Subversives.

Subsequently, authorities arrested Julian in September 1991 for hacking into a confidential property in Australia.

An image of Julian, determining his free from prison sooner.
Julian Assange is the first publisher to be charged under the act. (Source: Instagram)

Thus, he faced significant financial penalties and served multiple years in prison for engaging in unethical behavior.

Meanwhile, Julian Assange sees the trial as shaping him, and The New Republic says it led him to start WikiLeaks.

That year, he assumed control of Suburbia Public Access Network, among Australia’s initial public Internet service providers.

Furthermore, he authored additional software to enhance Internet accessibility and created systems for cyber warfare.

Finally, Julian and other dissidents, mathematicians, and activists established WikiLeaks in 2006.

In the following years, WikiLeaks disclosed many serious issues, which captivated the rise of Julian’s creation.

By July 2015, WikiLeaks had released over ten million documents and analyses and was entitled as a giant persecuted document library.

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