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Who Is Julie Strasser, Rob Strasser Wife? Kids And Family

This article revolves around the personal affairs of Nike Inc. executive Mr. Rob Strasser. Please stick with us till the end to unveil details on Rob Strasser wife and kids. 

Air,’ a Prime Video sports drama, is based on factual events about Air Jordan’s origin, and Rob Strasser plays a vital role in the entire movie in helping finalize the deal with Michael Jordan

Rob Strasser was a Nike Inc. executive who later served for Adidas during the “sneaker wars” between the United States and Europe. 

He then served as the chief executive of Adidas American, a company privately held and begun by Adidas, the German athletic sportswear and shoe manufacturer.

Mr. Strasser took over the operations of Adidas in the United States in 1993 and moved the subordinate from New Jersey to Portland.

Adidas was forced to withdraw even on its home ground in Europe after Mr. Strasser and his longstanding business partner Peter Moore.

They assisted Nike founder Phil Knight to grow the business into a global leader in athletic footwear and gear.

After exploiting the brand recognition of basketball player Michael Jordan to establish the Air Jordan shoe brand and help Nike recover from a slump, Mr. Rob Strasser left the company in 1987.

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Who Is Julie Strasser, Rob Strasser Wife?

Rob Strasser wife, Julie Strasser, was Nike’s first-ever advertising manager. The pair exchanged their wedding vows (1982) in an intimate ceremony surrounded by family and close ones. Before getting married, the couple dated for a specific time.

Furthermore, Julie’s sister, Laurie Becklund, works as a columnist, reporter, and sportswriter, and for over two decades, she worked at the Los Angeles Times as a staff writer.

Likewise, Rob Strasser wife, Julie, is also the co-author of a book named “Swoosh: The Unauthorized Story of Nike and the Men Who Played There,” published in 1991.

Rob Strasser Wife
Rob Strasser Laughing (Source: Bend Bulletin

The doting pair were together until her husband died in the early 1990s when she was heartbroken and shattered and chose to stay away from the media limelight and paparazzi ever since.

Julie told the media that her husband died from a heart attack in a hospital in Munich, Germany, at 46.

Nonetheless, Julie Strasser remained a loving and devoted wife throughout her marriage with Rob. She supported Rob through all his tough times and helped him to succeed in his profession financially.

A Look At Rob Strasser Kids And Family

From the pair’s flourishing and thriving marriage, they welcomed their daughter Avery with warm smiles. Rob was a kind, loving, and giving dad, and his love was selfless and unconditional towards his daughter Avery.

However, not much is known about Rob Strasser’s kid’s professional background and personal life, as Avery has successfully managed to stay away from the media limelight and attention.

Hopefully, we will get to meet and know Avery’s professional pursuits better in the coming days.

Rob Strasser Wife
Rob Strasser With His Business Partners. (Source: The Cinemaholic)

Speaking of his family background, Rob belonged to a supportive and loving household.

His mother, Marilyn, and his father, Robert, supported him through every phase of his life and played a significant role in helping him achieve most of his dreams.

Without compromise, Marilyn and Robert provided their son with the best facilities, including quality education.

Besides being a doting son, Rob was a kind brother to his only sister, Rebecca Hicks. The siblings were quite close to each other, and they grew up together.

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