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Who Is Julien Lepeu, Kathy Chow Husband? Wikipedia And Age

Kathy Chow Husband: Know about the late actress’ love life with her life partner Julien Lepeu. How old is her husband? 

Kathy Chow, a famous Hong Kong actress and singer, passed away on 11th December 2023 at the age of 57.

She was best known for her roles in Hong Kong TVB series such as The Breaking Point and Time Before Time.

She was also a former Miss Hong Kong pageant participant. She is survived by her two sons, Jacques and Avner, and her husband, Julien Lepeu.

Julien, a notable French businessman, holds the position of Chief Operating Officer at Interstar, a retail property company.

His lineage adds to his prominence, being the son of Richard Lepeu, the former CEO of Richemont Group, a distinguished luxury goods holding company.

Lepeu’s professional endeavors and familial ties underscore the intersection of business and personal life in the public eye.

Meet Julien Lepeu: Kathy Chow Husband And COO Of Interstar

Julien Lepeu, a French native and alumnus of the esteemed HEC Paris business school entered the business arena with his role at Interstar.

Joining the company in 2007, he ascended to the position of Chief Operating Officer in 2011.

Interstar, a prominent player in retail property development, oversees projects across China, Hong Kong, and Macau, including iconic locations like The Landmark, Pacific Place, and Harbour City.

Lepeu’s personal life intertwines with his professional journey, notably through his marriage to Hong Kong model and actress Kathy Chow.

Kathy Chow Husband
French jeweler and businessman Julien Lepeu entered matrimonial bliss with Kathy Chow, creating a unique union of talents in 2012. (Image Source: 8Days)

The couple’s story began in 2006 at a charitable event in Hong Kong, culminating in a six-year courtship before their 2012 nuptials.

He is also the son of Richard Lepeu, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer and the Manufacturing Director of Richemont Group, a luxury goods holding company.

Their union was marked by two ceremonies, one in France and a lavish 1920s-themed affair in Hong Kong at the China Club.

The latter celebration, attended by celebrities and friends, showcased Kathy Chow in a vintage Chanel dress, while Julien Lepeu adorned a classic tuxedo.

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Their wedding was a blend of both Chinese and French customs, with Kathy wearing a traditional red qipao and a white wedding gown.

They had two sons together, Jacques, born in 2013, and Avner, born in 2015.

As the COO of Interstar, Lepeu continues to navigate both the dynamic world of retail property development and the nuances of life in the public eye.

Julien Lepeu Age: How Old Is Kathy Chow Husband?

At 46 years old in 2023, Julien Lepeu, born in 1977, stands eleven years junior to his wife, Kathy Chow, who was 57 before her death on 11th December 2023.

Kathy Chow, a former Miss Hong Kong runner-up, had carved a prominent career as a model and actress, featuring in notable films such as The Legend of Speed, The Storm Riders, and The White Dragon.

The Lepeu family comprises two sons: Jacques, born in 2014, and Avner, born in 2016. Their residence is a luxury apartment nestled in the Mid-Levels of Hong Kong.

Kathy Chows Husband Age
Thriving on love, the couple transcended their age gap, steadfastly supporting and uplifting each other in their respective careers. (Image Source: 38jiejie)

Despite their affluent lifestyle, the couple’s marriage has faced tumult, marked by persistent rumors surrounding Julien Lepeu’s alleged extramarital affairs.

In March 2020, the spotlight intensified when Lepeu was photographed in a compromising situation with a blonde woman at a Hong Kong outdoor cafe.

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Initially silent on the matter, Kathy Chow later took to Instagram with a cryptic post, hinting at a path of forgiveness.

The public scrutiny surrounding the Lepeu marriage underscores the challenges faced by high-profile individuals, balancing personal struggles with life in the public eye.


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