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Juliet Samuel Journalist Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is She?

Juliet Samuel Journalist Wikipedia page is unavailable at the moment. However, few articles have listed Juliet Samuel’s career details.

Juliet Samuel is a popular columnist whose job is to cover trending topics related to politics, economics, technology, and foreign policy fields.

The columnist recently wrote an article titled “The UK can’t afford to sit on the sidelines as the US, EU, and China carve up the future of growth”.

The journalist also stated in the article that Britain is killing off prosperity now while also enabling antiquated concerns about industrial policy to do so later.

As per Samuel, using artificial intelligence makes sense and Dithering governments should take advantage of post-Brexit freedoms to give us a head start since AI will influence our economic destiny.

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Juliet Samuel Journalist Wikipedia

Juliet Samuel journalist Wikipedia is unreachable from the internet, which has given hard time for her admirers to get the reporter’s career details and background.

However, the columnist has set up her LinkedIn profile, where she has listed her career details and the timeline of her work experience in different companies.

According to Juliet’s about section on LinkedIn, Samuel rarely uses the platform and encourages everyone to contact her through email Juliet. samuel or in the Twitter account.

Juliet Samuel journalist Wikipedia profile is missing from the internet. If Wikipedia officials set up Juliet Samuel journalist Wikipedia, it will be easy for people to get every detail about the author.

Juliet Samuel Journalist Wikipedia
Juliet Samuel journalist Wikipedia page is unavailable now. (Source: Facebook)

Observing Samuel’s experience tab, the writer is currently working in the post of Columnist at the Times. She recently started her job there as she joined in March 2023.

Before her job at the Times, Juliet worked at The Telegraph Media Group as Columnist from April 2016 to March 2023 for seven long years.

As per an article, Columnist Juliet Samuel is moving from the Telegraph to The Times to fill David Aaronovitch’s vacant column spot on the comment pages.

Samuel is a frequent participant on high-profile think tank panels on topics ranging from geopolitics to the risks of corporate wokery. The reporter is one of the smartest pundits around.

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Juliet Samuel Age: How Old Is She?

Juliet Samuel’s age is not confirmed by the journalist. If Juliet Samuel journalist Wikipedia was available, it would have mentioned her age.

The writer has lived a secretive life and has not talked much about her private life and family background in front of the media.

Looking at the columnist’s uploaded pictures, she seems to be in her mid-thirties. However, it is just an assumption and Samuel’s real age is a mystery.

Juliet, who received her education at Harvard, is returning to The Times. She started in financial journalism at City AM and previously worked in their business sections before moving to the Wall Street Journal.

Juliet Samuel
Juliet Samuel photographed with Tracy Brabin MP, Nigel Evans MP, Tim Farron MP. (Source: BBC )

Older readers may remember Juliet from when she first began her journalism career at Guido in 2010.

Moreover, Juliet has also worked as a blogger and video maker at Guido Fawkes Blog in the beginning while she was initiating her journey in the journalism sector.

One can explore the newswoman in her official Twitter handle under the username @CitySamuel. Juliet has accumulated over 13.8k followers and has uploaded over 15.5k tweets.

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