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Junior H Tattoo List Has $ad Boyz Ink: With Meaning And Design

Fans can’t seem to get enough of Junior H’s music and his fascinating tattoo on his body. But what could the tattoo of Junior H signify? Let’s find out.

Junior H is an up-and-coming Mexican singer and songwriter. His birth name is Antonio Herrera Perez.

Junior H primarily focuses his music in the corridos tumbados subgenre.

He is also popular for his urbano music mixed with Latin trap and regional Mexican.

Junior H was born in Mexico but later relocated to Utah. This move came at a very early age.

Nonetheless, his tattoo is attracting netizens’ attention towards Junior H.

Junior H Tattoo List Including Sad Boyz Ink: With Meaning And Design

Like most new singers, Junior H has many tattoos inked across his body.

Junior H has a lot of tattoos on his left forearm, hands, leg, chest area, and neck region.

One of the primary tattoos that fans notice immediately is the one on his neck.

The tattoo on his neck reads $ad Boyz. The O in the boys, too has been nuanced slightly to seem like a sad emoji.

Junior H has his fans wondering about his tattoo
Junior H taught himself how to play guitar using YouTube tutorials. (Source: Twitter)

Many people wonder what this tattoo is about, and many even misconceive it as him being pessimistic.

However, his fans would know that is not the case. The tattoo primarily refers to his initial album, released in 2021.

Junior H started his career in 2019 with his debut album Mi Vida En Un Cigarro.

However, it is rather evident that the album released in 2021 holds a major significance for him.

Junior H released the album $ad Boyz, which took off and established his career.

Junior flaunting tattoo on his hand for the picture
Junior H worked at a sandwich shop until anding his first viral hit. (Source: Facebook)

This significance is the reason why Junior H has inked a tattoo that reads $ad Boyz on his neck.

The album had a total of 16 songs, which generally talked about love and heartbreak.

The album received praise from critics and fans alike. With this, the album peaked on several music streaming platforms.

No wonder, given the major growth of the album, Junior H has a dedicated tattoo inked.

Other Tattoos On Junior H Body

Other than the neck tattoo, Junior H has a lot of tattoos across his hand and forearm area.

On his right forearm are tattoos of a butterfly, eagle, baby angel, and soil time watch, amongst many others.

He has other tattoos in the same right forearm that include Latin words with unclear meanings.

Also, the right forearm has a tattoo of a girl crying with two tear droplets running down her cheeks.

The left forearm, however, consists of tattoos that are more focused on music.

A picture from Junior H's October picture dump
Junior H featured Ed Maverick in his song ‘Por Dentro’. (Source: Instagram)

One evident tattoo that is seen is of the microphone that singers use to sing in their studios.

The same microphone has some music beat icons covering it.

The significance of this tattoo that Junior H has is rather evident since he is a popular singer.

Other tattoos that are seen on the left forearm are of a rose and a snake. This tattoo is prominently seen towards the top half of the hand.

The exact number of tattoos on his body is unavailable, as there might be ones that are not visible.

These tattoos are abstract and the significant meaning behind these are not clear as of now.

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The Significance Of The Singer On the Latin Music Industry

Junior H is very commonly popular as one of the prominent figures of the corridos tumbados subgenre.

Even though this is not a very adopted genre, fans are excited about a new artist focusing on the genre.

To add to this, one of the major reasons why Junior H is trending is his lyrical choice.

Junior in all black attire taking a picture with his friend
Junior H was nominated for Radar Artist at the 2020 Spotify Awards. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, most of his music focuses on heartbreaks in relationships. This is also a popular trend amongst most youngsters these days.

And given his age, it is only fitting for Junior H to produce such music.

It is also rather evident that Junior H has a rich career ahead of him.

However, fans are also excited about the dynamic changes that he brings on in his future albums.

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