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Justaminx Drama: Did She Push Twomad Over The Edge?

Twitch streamer Justaminx is facing allegations for her involvement in Twomad’s unexpected death. What is the drama involving Justaminx about? Find out details further in this article!

Twomad, born Muudea Sedik, was a Canadian YouTuber and Twitch streamer popular for his memes.

He became an internet sensation following his Goodnight Girl meme format, garnering over 2 million subscribers.

Further, Twomad’s humorous style and charming personality on streams gained recognition from fans.

However, the creator’s life was cut short at the age of 23 by overdosing on drugs.

Such shocking news sparked numerous discussions on platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

Amidst several tweets, user Justaminx has been accused of being involved in Twomad’s death, creating new drama.

Justaminx Drama: Did She Push Twomad Over The Edge?

Soon after Twomad’s death on February 13, user Jameskii came forward with allegations of rape and pedophilia.

Further, he claimed that the YouTuber tried to kill him on several occasions which led to police investigations.

Jameskii also recalled a period when Twomad groomed a teenager while abusing heavy drugs.

Justaminx posing for a photo
Justaminx became popular after The Austin Show’s Love or Host. (Source: Instagram)

Such information came as a shock to many as the user decided to reveal details right after Twomad’s death.

Moreover, Jameskii’s tweet gathered millions of likes and prompted numerous comments including one from Justaminx.

She claimed that Jameskii’s actions came off as weird as he waited for the creator’s death to reveal such intricate information.

Soon the drama unfolded when Jameskii replied to Justaminx claiming that she interfered with investigations.

Similarly, the user revealed that she assisted Twomad by displaying confidential information provided by the authorities.

According to Jameskii, Justaminx encouraged the YouTuber to kill himself through her streams.

Along with that, he shared a streaming clip where Justminx says that Twomad has nothing to live for.

Justaminx recent tweets
Justaminx has been sympathizing with Twomad. (Source: Twitter)

However, Justaminx denied such claims by retaliating with a series of tweets about her actions.

She stated that she could’ve only interfered when she reported Twomad for harassment directed towards her.

Likewise, the user hasn’t backed down from her stance despite criticism from Jameskii’s fans.

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Justaminx Posts Text Messages And Pictures: New Reveal In Twomad Case

To add fuel to the Justaminx drama, she posted several pictures to prove her point to Twitter users.

Further, she posted pictures of the late creator posing with guns and a screenshot of her call logs.

She noted that Twomad constantly tried to get her attention by calling her several times within an hour.

Justaminx lawsuit pictures
Justaminx wanted Twosmad to seek help before his death. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, Justaminx went on to talk about the creator on her stream days before his death.

She even asked Jameskii to present evidence for all the claims he made regarding Twomad and his actions.

The creator’s death continues to bring several things from his past, creating more confusion among the masses.

Additionally, many users claimed that Justaminx tends to switch sides giving way to more drama.

Further, they note that publicly revealing legal lawsuit documents will have serious consequences for the female streamer.

Jameskii tweets about Twomad case
The death of Twomad has many sparked discussions. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, the mystery regarding Twomad’s death still bothers many of his followers.

According to reports, the YouTuber was out of contact for several days when authorities decided to search his home.

Unfortunately, Twomad was found unresponsive in his LA residence and it was reported to be due to a drug overdose.

Regardless, an autopsy is underway as his death is still under investigation by the police.

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