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Justin Eely Death, Obituary: One Day Netflix Series Editor Tributed

As the Netflix limited series One Day ended, the show’s end credits tributed Justin Eely for his work, and now the viewers are curious about his personal life and death cause.

Justin Eely was an accomplished figure in the American entertainment industry, recognized for his role in the off-screen production.

He was a London-based online editor responsible for editing the final part of productions before release.

With his hard work and determination, Justin gained widespread attention for his work in numerous movies and TV shows.

Some of his most famous works include The Crown, Killing Eve, Black Mirror, Good Omens, Belgravia, and Belgravia: The Next Chapter.

However, his rising career ended, with his demise a few months before his last work aired in February 2024.

Nevertheless, Justin has left an indelible mark in American entertainment with a career of over two decades.

Also, as the series One Day ended, its credit presented Justin’s name, leading to numerous questions among the viewers.

As a result, many of the viewers have started scouring the internet to know more about Justin Eely and his death.

Justin Eely’s  Obituary: Details On Editor Tributed On One Day Netflix Series

The death news of Justin Eely at the end of the credits of the recently released Netflix series One Day has shocked fans.

Justin Eely was one of the highly respected personalities in the film editing world, known for his expertise in the final editing of movies and TV shows.

He was mostly famous for his role as an online editor of multiple popular shows showcasing his talent worldwide.

Justin Eely's work before his death.
Justin Eely died a few months before the release of One Day. (Source: Glamour Magazine)

Justin’s presence in the industry was marked by his talent and dedication to the craft until his death.

As an online editor, he played an important role in each project’s post-production sector.

With great skill in fine-tuning every detail, Justin became a household name in the American entertainment industry.

Despite his noteworthy works in the industry, Justin preferred a private life away from the spotlight.

Due to his lack of public presence, not many people recognized him as an editor.

As a result, following his name’s appearance in the Netflix series, many viewers couldn’t understand who he was.

Justin Eely's work captured in screenshot.
Justin Eely has worked in the industry for more than 20 years. (Source: Radio Times)

Although Justin Eely preferred a private life, many who knew him felt sad about his untimely death and shared their tribute.

Moreover, his hard work and talent earned a place at the end credits of the Netflix series One Day for his significant role.

Nevertheless, Justin’s remarkable journey will continue to serve as an inspiration for many generations to come.

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Justin Eely Cause Of Death. What Happened To Him?

Unfortunately, Justin Eely passed away just a few months before releasing his final project, One Day.

However, due to his private life, the actual death cause and age of Justin Eely during his death are still a mystery.

Meanwhile, this decision not to disclose the death cause might have come from his family members.

Screenshot of series worked by Justin Eely
Justin also had a passion for sports like cycling and running. (Source: Radio Times)

After his untimely demise, Justin is survived by his partner and an 8-year-old daughter.

Although his life ended, unfortunately, Justin’s legacy will remain deeply connected with the industry.

Moreover, respecting others’ privacy is better than poking our heads into their matter.

Likewise, supporting Justin’s family in this devastating situation is better than searching for further explanation.

Nevertheless, each will miss Justin’s work, his presence, and everyone who knew the humble and hardworking person.

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