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Justin Eely Wikipedia: What Happened To Editor Dedicated On Netflix’s One Day?

People have been searching for the Wikipedia page about Justin Eely to gain insight into the life of the editor who left an indelible mark in the world of film and television editing.

Justin Eely was a London-based finishing editor.

Recognized for his work on One Day, he played a key role in making the show a success.

Furthermore, he earned high respect and renown for his expertise as an online editor.

In his 20 years of career, he has contributed to many notable projects. 

Similarly, he played a crucial role in the project One Day series post-production process.

Likewise, people know him for his meticulous attention to detail and skilled editing.

Unfortunately, Justin passed away a few months before the show aired in February 2024.

Since then, people have been wanting to gain insight into Justin Eely’s personal life, prompting an increased search for his Wikipedia.

Justin Eely Wikipedia: Family Explored

After working in more than 100 movies over his noteworthy 20-year career people have shown attention towards Justin Eely’s personal life. 

As a result, searches for the Wikipedia page dedicated to Justin Eely significantly increased.

However, the Wikipedia page has not featured Justin Eely to date, resulting in limited information available about Justin Eely’s early life and family.

Justin Eely with his wife and daughter selfie
Justin Eely was a married man who lived a happy life. (Source: Instagram)

According to sources, Justin Eely was born in the mid-1970s meaning he was in his late 40s at the time of his passing.

However, the exact birthdate remains a mystery. 

Likewise, he was born in London, United Kingdom. His mother, Angela Eely, raised him.

The details of his father have not been disclosed as of now.

While he maintained privacy regarding his family, records suggest he has a sister and a brother.

However, their name and age have not been shared in the media. 

Furthermore, Justin Eely was also a married man and a father.

He was married to Georgia Grant. Meanwhile, details about their relationship remain scarce. 

Similarly, together they had a daughter named Freya. She was born around 2015.

In Justin’s Instagram profile, he used to share moments he spent with his daughter.

20 Years Career Of Justin Eely: A Journey To Remember

Over his impressive career, as an online editor, Justin Eely has played a pivotal role in the post-production process.

Likewise, Justin perfected each project he worked on.

Justin earned widespread recognition and admiration from colleagues and audiences because of his keen attention to detail and natural ability to boost production quality.

Similarly, he added final touches to scenes, fine-tuned episode pacing, and ensured seamless transitions, bringing the creative vision to life.

One day character
One Day was one of the last projects Justin worked on. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, according to the Instagram bio of Justin, he served as a Senior Online Editor at Company 3.

He joined the company in 2021 and remained there until his demise.

Before his passing, he contributed his talents to a multitude of acclaimed productions including The Crown, Killing Eve, Sherlock and The First Lady.

Likewise, before working on One Day, Justin edited Belgravia and Belgravia: The Next Chapter, Good Omens, Black Mirror, A Discovery of Witches and many more.

Meanwhile, in addition to a career as a film editor, he was also passionate about sports.

He was a triathlete and was a seven-time Ironman Triathlon winner. 

Nevertheless, Justin Eely’s remarkable career demonstrates his passion for storytelling and his unwavering commitment to excellence in his craft.

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What Happened To Justin Eely? Death Of Perfectionist

A respected figure Justin Eely tragically passed away a few months before the premiere of the Netflix series One Day in February 2024. 

While the exact date of his passing remains uncertain, his absence leaves a void felt deeply by colleagues, friends and family.

Likewise, besides his professional accomplishment, Justin Eely was a devoted partner and loving father. 

Text in white with black background written in loving memory of Justin Eely
“One Day” dedicated to Justin Eely as a heartfelt tribute for his big help in the series. (Source: Twitter)

To honour Justin’s dedication and talent, the end of One Day included a special dedication recognizing his important role in shaping the series.

People keenly felt his absence, not just for his talent but also for being warm, professional, and collaborative.

His legacy continues to inspire the film and TV community.

The dedication in the finale credits acknowledges his invaluable contributions and the lasting impression he made on those he worked with.

Many are shocked that Justin Eely, despite his impact on the industry, has not been featured on the Wikipedia page.

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