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Who Is Jutta Leerdam Brother, Kjeld Leerdam? Age Gap And Family

The most beautiful ice speed skater, Jutta Leerdam, is creating a sensation in the Women’s Sprint world, making her fans interested in her life, starting from Jutta Leerdam brother.

Jutta Monica Leerdam, born on 30 December 1998, is a 25-year-old Dutch speed skater who has won over five World Champions in speedskating.

Jutta is Dutch by nationality because she was born in Gravenzande, Netherlands. Her father, Ruud Leerdam, named her after a windsurfing world champion, Jutta Müller, since Jutta’s father prefers windsurfing over other sports.

As for her career, Jutta won her first junior skating championship in the 2017 World Junior Championship game, followed by her continuous win in the 2018 Championships. This was when she became a professional and joined the IKO team.

Jutta Leerdam in her sports wear
Jutta Leerdam in her skates wear. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, her beauty is no less than any model and diva, which successfully caught her boyfriend’s attention, American social media personality Jake Paul.

Jutta’s love life is well-known to all, but her family matter is more private. For this, people are interested in learning more about her and her siblings, starting from Jutta Leerdam brother.

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Who Is Jutta Leerdam Brother, Kjeld Leerdam? Age Difference

Kjeld Leerdam is Jutta Leerdam brother whom she loves and respects the most, but the sad thing is Kjeld is not as open and famous as his sister Jutta.

While surfing the internet, we could access Kjeld Leerdam’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Still, the social media handles were all private, and it seems he is uncomfortable with camera exposure.

However, it was possible to peek into the brother-sister relationship through Jutta Leerdam’s post on Instagram, which she captioned,

Since Day 1 #brother

Jutta Leerdam brother
Jutta Leerdam and his brother Kjeld seem happy and lovely. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Jutta Leerdam brother, Kjeld, has a profile on LinkedIn where he has shared his work experience in marketing and the food industry.

It seems that Jutta Leerdam brother is a BA European Business Studies graduate from the Hague University of Applied Science, which is similar to his athletic sister, Jutta course who is also studying commercial economics at the Johan Cruyff Academy at the Hanze University of Applied Science.

From the educational background, it is clear that Kjeld is older than Jutta, who is 1998 born, since he has already completed his graduate level.

Also, for further clarification, Jutta has shared a childhood photo with her brother where she seems to be around a year old while Kjeld is holding her in his lap and appears to be about 4 to 5 years old.

Jutta Leerdam with her brother in childhood
Childhood picture of Jutta and Kjeld. (Source: Instagram)

So while arranging all the details, it can be speculated that Kjeld is around 29 or 30 and was born between 1993 and 1995.

Kjeld Leerdam Siblings And Family Members: Relationship Status

Kjeld and Jutta Leerdam are not the only children of their parents as they are a total of 5 siblings with four sisters, including Jutta and one brother.

The name of sisters other than Jutta Leerdam are Merel Leerdam, Beaudine leerdam, and Monique Leerdam. Not much information is available on his sisters except for Merel Leerdam, a content creator and social media marketer.

Also, through various sites, it is known that the father of these five siblings is Ruud Leerdam, but nothing is available about their mother, including her name.

Meanwhile, regarding the relationship status, only Jutta Leerdam and Merel Leerdam seem open about dating. Jutta Leerdam is with Jake Paul, and Merel is with Barry Enthoven.

As for Kjeld, he is already a private person who seems to be more career-focused, with no rumors about his relationship. So we can assume that Jutta Leerdam brother is still single.

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