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Kaitlin Armstrong Trial And Verdict: Mugshot And Arrest Charge

Kaitlin Armstrong Trial: The Yoga teacher has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Mo Wilson in the May 2022 shooting.

Kaitlin Armstrong, a yoga instructor from Austin, Texas, is on trial for the murder of Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson, a professional cyclist who was allegedly involved in a love triangle with Armstrong’s boyfriend, Colin Strickland.

Armstrong is accused of shooting Wilson twice in the head on May 11, 2022, at the home of a friend where Wilson was staying.

Armstrong has pleaded not guilty to the charge of first-degree murder and faces up to 99 years in prison if convicted.

Kaitlin Armstrong Trial And Verdict: What Did She Do?

According to prosecutors, Armstrong was obsessed with Strickland, a fellow cyclist who had dated her for about a year.

They claimed that Armstrong used a GPS app to track Strickland’s location and found out that he had gone on a date with Wilson on the day of the murder.

Wilson and Strickland had met through the cycling community and had gone for a swim and dinner before he dropped her off at her friend’s house.

Prosecutors said that Armstrong drove to the house where Wilson was staying and waited for her to come out.

They said that surveillance footage captured the sound of Wilson’s screams and two gunshots, followed by Armstrong’s Jeep speeding away.

Kaitlin Armstrong trial
Opening arguments in Kaitlin Armstrong’s murder trial were held on Monday. (Image Source: ABC News)

They also said that Armstrong’s search history after the murder showed that she looked up how to get rid of gunshot residue, how to sell a car quickly, and how to travel internationally without a passport.

Armstrong’s defence attorney, Geoffrey Puryear, argued that there was no direct evidence linking Armstrong to the crime scene and that the surveillance footage was too blurry to identify the shooter or the vehicle.

He said that Armstrong was passionate about traveling and had planned to go to Costa Rica before the murder.

He also said that Armstrong had no motive to kill Wilson because she and Strickland had an open relationship and were not exclusive. The trial began on November 1, 2023, and is continuing as of today’s date.

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The jury will hear from witnesses, including Strickland, who testified that he had broken up with Armstrong a few days before the murder and that he had feelings for Wilson.

The jury will also see evidence from the crime scene, such as bullet casings, DNA samples, and Wilson’s bike.

Kaitlin Armstrong Mugshot And Arrest Charge

Armstrong was arrested in Costa Rica on July 23, 2022, after a 43-day manhunt. She had allegedly undergone plastic surgery and dyed her hair to change her appearance.

She had also used her sister’s passport to travel from New York to Costa Rica. She was staying at a hostel when U.S. Marshals and local authorities located her.

Armstrong was extradited to the U.S. and charged with first-degree murder and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

Kaitlin Armstrong Trial
Kaitlin Armstrong allegedly underwent plastic surgery and fled to Costa Rica using her sister’s passport. (Image Source: KXAN)

She was held at the Travis County Jail in Austin with a bond set at $3.5 million. She pleaded not guilty to both charges.

On October 11, 2023, Armstrong attempted to escape from custody while at a doctor’s appointment in Austin.

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She ran away from the guards and made it about a mile before being caught. She was charged with an additional felony of escape, causing bodily injury.

Armstrong’s mugshot shows her with short blonde hair and wearing an orange jumpsuit. She appears to have scars on her face from the plastic surgery.


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