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Who Is Kalutara Girl Death Suspect Danushka Gayan Sahabandu? Arrest Charges

After the Kalutara Girl death case got enormous media coverage, people want to know more about the suspect Danushka Gayan Sahabandu and his arrest charges.

Several investigation members have been working together so that they can arrest the main suspect on the wanted list of police in association with the discovery of the dead body of a 16-year-old young schoolgirl in Kalutara Hotel nearby.

Talking at a press conference on the afternoon of May 8, SSP Nihal Thalduwa, a police spokesman, mentioned that the police officials have already identified the relevant suspect.  

The 28-year-old relevant suspect of the Kalutara girl’s death has been identified as Danushka Gayan Sahabandu, a resident of Kalutara. It has also been revealed that Danushka is married.

Furthermore, a young couple and the car’s driver were also arrested by the police in which the team including the dead girl arrived at a certain hotel. 

After being presented in the Kalutara Magistrate’s Court on May 7, 2023, they were given the order to remain in custody until May 15.

But after the event, the primary suspect took off, and numerous police teams were sent to apprehend him. While hiding in the Hikkaduw region, the suspect, Danushka Gayan Sahabandu, who used to reside in Isuru Uyana in Kalutara, was arrested.  

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Who Is Kalutara Girl Death Suspect Danushka Gayan Sahabandu?

Danushka Gayan Sahabandu, a 28-year-old man has been considered the primary suspect in the death case of a young Kalutara girl. Following this shocking incident, people want to learn more about Danushka. 

Well, the suspect was hiding at the time police officials caught him. Danushka is reportedly a married man and businessman by profession.

Kalutara Girl Death
Danushka Gayan Sahabandu has been considered the main suspect in the death of a 16-year-old girl. (Source: Ada Derana)

It has also been revealed that the main suspect was in a relationship with the victim. However, Danushka’s wife, stated that she was completely unaware of the fact that her husband was in an explicit relationship.

She also stated that her husband asked for about two thousand rupees and left the home two days prior to the incident.

Besides, very less personal details regarding Danushka Gayan Sahabandu have been revealed, since he was living a low-key, private life before this death case.

Danushka Gayan Sahabandu Arrest Charges 

The main suspect, a 29-year-old man, who had taken the 16-year-old to a lodging establishment in Kalutara and whose nude body was later discovered close to a railroad track, has been arrested in Hikkaduwa on May 8 2023. 

While his arrest charges have not been revealed yet, it has been confirmed that Danushka Gayan Sahabandu was the main man behind the Kalutara girl’s death. 

The Kalutara girl’s undressed body was discovered outside a hotel on Kalutara’s main thoroughfare, Galle Road, close to the railway line, sparking an investigation by the Kalutara South Police.

Moreover, the deceased girl, according to the police, lived in Nagoda, Kalutara. As per the in-depth investigations and research, it was revealed that the primary suspect was that while he brought the young girl to the hotel room, another young girl and male also had accompanied them.

Kalutara Girl Death
A young girl was found dead naked outside a hotel nearby a rail line in Kalutara. (Source: Sunday Observer)

Police officials stated the group of three had rented two hotel rooms on the 3rd floor and stayed there. All those people had allegedly consumed heavy amounts of alcohol in one room, even though they had rented two separate hotel rooms. 

Eventually, the young pair parted from the hotel, and later, the hotel employees noticed that the male suspect also left the hotel in a panic state after about twenty minutes.

An individual who later came to the hotel had informed the staff of the hotel that a girl was lying naked near the hotel’s railway track.

Police officials then arrested the young pair and the car’s driver where the entire group including the dead girl had come to the particular hotel.

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