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Kara Fosseneuve, Missing Flin Flon Woman Found Dead – What Happened?

Kara Fosseneuve, a missing Canadian woman from Flin Flon, has been found deceased.

Police confirmed the worst outcome possible after her disappearance a few weeks ago. 

Fosseneuve was reportedly last seen on New Year’s Eve and was recently found lifeless by the Police.

RCMP said an autopsy needs to be conducted as the investigation continues. 

Officers from Flin Flon and neighboring Creighton RCMP took part in the search for Fosseneuve.

Criminality has not been suspected in Fosseneuve’s death. However, nothing can be ruled out just yet.

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Kara Fosseneuve, Missing Flin Flon Woman Found Dead – What Happened?

A woman who went missing in Manitoba on December 31, 2022, has been found dead, RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) reported on Monday.

Kara Fosseneuve, 27, was last seen on New Year’s Eve as she left a residence on Dadson Row, Flin Flon, Manitoba.

Fosseneuve left on foot in an unknown direction and did not have her cell phone with her.

Although criminality does not appear to be a factor in her death, an autopsy must occur. Nothing is being ruled out until then, an RCMP spokesperson said on Monday, January 9.

Fosseneuve’s family previously shared with CBC News that they reported her missing last Thursday after realizing she had not been active on social media since December 29. She also did not show up at work last week.

Kara Fosseneuve missing
Authorities were actively searching for Kara Fosseneuve. (Source: Twitter)

Law Enforcement released no further information about Fosseneuve’s disappearance or death.

We do not know how she died. It is also unclear in what place or state her body was found.

RCMP only said that they do not suspect foul play in her death. However, it is too early to assume anything until the autopsy report is out.

Joel Kowbel was unsure about the official updates writing, “not sure why they figure criminality wasn’t a factor. She ended an abusive relationship less than two days before she disappeared. RIP, Kara.”

We will need to wait for more to discover the truth about Kara Fosseneuve’s disappearance and death.

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Police Were On The Lookout For Kara Fosseneuve

RCMP Police asked the public for any information that could lead to Kara Fosseneuve’s location. Anyone with details was asked to call Flin Flon RCMP or anonymously via Crime Stoppers.

Creighton, Saskatchewan RCMP also coordinated her tracking in case she had traveled to Creighton, which is just across the provincial boundary.

The missing person report was published around midnight on January 5. Officers patrolled, looking for the missing lady and spoke with her family, friends, and family, following up on multiple leads.

Kara Fosseneuve was described as a 27-year-old, 5’7″ tall, weighing 150 pounds, and with long black hair. She was last seen wearing a black jacket, cut-off blue jeans, and black boots.

Kara Fosseneuve found dead
The Flin Flon woman had gone missing. (Source: CTV News Winnipeg)

However, Kara remained missing. She was last spotted on New Year’s Eve when she left a House in Flin Flon and had not been heard from since.

Anyone with relevant information was asked to contact authorities as soon as possible.

Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs tweeted, “Our condolences to the family of Kara Fossenueve; she has been located deceased. We wish her peace as her spirit makes its final journey home.”

Likewise, Nahanni Fontaine, Canadian provincial politician and a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba, wrote, “My deepest condolences to the family, friends, and community of Kara Fosseneuve.”

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