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Kat Blender Video Gone Viral on Twitter and Reddit: Cat Story Explained

Kat Blender video is going viral online as an innocent cat was put in a blender and blended. Here’s what you should know about the story.

Kat Blender is currently trading on social media, and some people have thought that “Kat Blender” is a lady making rounds due to a leaked video.

However, there is no fact about it, as the viral topic is about an innocent cat blended in a blender. The video was shared on Twitter, where we can see a cat blended in a blender.

Due to that, social media users are heavily criticizing the video and the one who made it. Next, netizens search for Kat Blender video on multiple social media platforms.

Kat Blender Video Gone Viral on Twitter and Reddit

Kat Blender’s video went viral online, and many people are sharing the cat getting blended video on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

When the video was shared, all of them were horrified by the video and suggested fellow netizens not share it further on. Many online users could not believe someone could torture a cat by placing it in such traumatic conditions.

Kat Blender Video
Kat Blender’s video is going viral online, and Twitter users are heavily reacting. ( Source: Twitter )

A horrified Twitter user wrote, “The person that made the cat in a blender is so f*** sick, why the hell would you put a f*** cat into a blender.”

Exploring the social media platforms, we came to know that the video was first shared by a Twitter handle named Scary Content, but the clip has been deleted as it violates Twitter rules.

Despite that, many other sources have shared the clip on Twitter which has left everyone stunned. 

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Kat Blender Video: Story Explained

As said earlier, the video of a cat getting blended in a blender is going viral, and everyone has been sharing the video as Kat Blender.

Meanwhile, some unauthorized Twitter handles have shared a fake video of a person getting involved in an intimate scene. However, it was just created to get likes and views.

But the ongoing viral topic is about a cat. A person whose identity has not been revealed captured a video in which he/she put a cat in a blender and blended it.

Kat Blender Story
A Twitter user requested people not to search for Kat Blender’s video. ( Source: Twitter )

Many people found the clip disturbing and urged everyone not to share them further. Some of the videos have already been deleted. Online users have shared their thoughts regarding this video.

Also, some people ahve said the cat was micro-waved after getting blended. However, the video of the cat getting micro-waved isn’t available. So, it can’t be confirmed whether the little cat was put on a micro-wave after getting blended.

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Who Is Kat Blender? Person Behind Cat In Blender Video

As we all know, the cat in a blender video is making headlines, and netizens speculated that Kat Blender is the person who blended the cat. However, the person behind this cruelty has not been shared yet.

Kat Blender Clip
Everyone is disturbed by the Kat Blender video. ( Source: Twitter )

Despite that, everyone is reporting the video and requesting the official department to take action against the one involved in this incident.

As of now, the person has not been detained, but we will give some updates if the person gets identified. 

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