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Who Is Kate Abdo Father Tom Giles? Mother And Family Tree

Kate Abdo family members are big football fans, including her parents and siblings. Her father even appeared on television as a fan of Manchester United.

While discussing famous sports broadcasters, we can’t leave Kate Abdo from Manchester, England. The English sports broadcaster is currently the host of UEFA Champions League coverage for CBS Sports.

She also hosts Fox Sports’ FIFA World Cup Tonight. She began her sports broadcasting career in 2005.

With her career spanning nearly two decades, the 42-year-old has worked in different countries, including the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States, France, and Germany.

Kate Abdo is not the only one in her family who is passionate about sports, particularly football. Her parents and siblings are also into sports.

In today’s short article, let’s learn more about the sports broadcaster’s family and their love for football.

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Who Is Kate Abdo Father Tom Giles? Mother And Family Tree

Born on 8 September 1981, Kate Abdo was welcomed by her father, Tom Giles and her mother, whose name has not been made public.

Kate Abdo’s father’s name is Tom Giles. Tom Giles is a huge fan of Machester United football club. The sports broadcaster’s dad made a special guest appearance on television.

Kate Abdo father Tom Giles
Kate Abdo’s father, Tom Giles, is a Manchester United fan. (Image Source: YouTube)

The former professional footballer Peter Schmeichel interviewed Tom Giles live at Etihad Stadium earlier this year. The broadcaster was surprised to see her dad giving a live interview. Moreover, Kate has a brother who is also a Machester fan.

It has been reported that the sports broadcaster has Guyanese descent via her maternal grandmother.

There is not much information about Kate’s mother. Mrs. Giles must also be a big sports fan. However, some online sites suggest that Kate’s mother is a Liverpool fan, unlike Kate, her father and her brother.

Despite the claim, no reliable sources are reporting about it. Thus, we could not find solid evidence to support the claim.

Regardless, the sports broadcaster must share a solid bond with her parents and siblings. As the daughter of an avid football fan, she must have inherited the love for the sport from her parents.

It is to be noted that Kate Abdo was born Kate Giles. She changed her last name after marrying a German businessman, Ramtin Abdo. Her father’s name is Tom Giles, not Tom Abdo – as reported by various sites.

Kate Abdo Childhood And Career

The Machester native attended Withington Girls’ School and Christ the King School in Manchester.

Kate Abdo father Tom Giles
Born in Manchester, U.S., Kate Abdo is a well-known sports broadcaster. (Image Source: YouTube)

The talented sports broadcaster relocated to Spain at the age of 17. There she completed her high school education and learned Spanish.

After a year, she started her degree program at the University of Malaga, majoring in “Translation and Interpreting.” Abdo took a break from her studies to reside in Germany and France.

She also received a first-class B.A. (Hons) in European Languages from the University of Salford. Kate is proficient in three languages as she lived in Germany, France, and Spain.

Abdo began her broadcasting career at the German international news network Deutsche Welle in 2005 after completing an internship there in the division of foreign languages.

She served as a production assistant for Goal! The Bundesliga Magazine in 2006–2007, and until 2009, she presented sports news for Deutsche Welle, hosting sports coverage for their English- and German-language services.

Kate has worked for CNN, Sky Sports, and Fox Sports. In 2020, She returned to her homeland (United Kingdom) and joined CBS Sports.

Since then, she has been serving as a host of the UEFA Champions League and Europe League. She has also been working for DAZN’s boxing coverage.

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