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Katie Hobbs Controversy: Involved In Racial Discrimination, What Did She Say?

Katie Hobbs controversy has skyrocketed as she has been alleged of racial discrimination towards her staff. 

Among Democrats, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs started this year’s governor’s campaign as the overwhelming favorite.

Hobbs is best known nationally for defying former President Donald Trump’s charges of election fraud. 

However, her role in firing a team member seven years ago threatens her candidacy in a purple state that Democrats hope will turn bluer in the upcoming election.

When Katies Hobbs was the Democratic Leader in the state Senate in 2015, firing the only Black policy staff member was an issue.

Hobbs’ position and recent comments about it have caused friction among Black leaders in the state, endangering her support from a crucial constituency as she enters a challenging election year in a form where President Joe Biden won by less than 11,000 votes.

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According to five Black leaders who spoke with CNN, the case has particularly touched Arizona because of the state’s history of discrimination against voters of color, which has been made worse by Trump and his allies attempts to nullify the results of the 2020 presidential election.

This is true despite the historical exclusion of Black people from the workforce.

Katie Hobbs Controversy: Involved In Racial Discrimination, What Did She Say?

During the Democratic primary for governor, Katie Hobbs came under fire for terminating an African-American policy adviser in 2015. Over the general election Campaign, the insults have only worsened, particularly on social media.

However, Hobbs’ opponents spread incorrect information about “convictions,” criminal accusations, and millions of dollars in taxpayer payments.

Hobbs served as the state Senate’s Democratic minority Leader at the beginning of 2015. In 2018, she won the election for secretary of state.

Katie Hobbs And Talonya Adams
Katie Hobbs (Left) And Talonya Adams (Right) (Source: Arizona Daily Independent)

Talonya Adams, a lawyer, served as the only African-American policy adviser on the Democratic staff and at the Capitol.

Adams was fired in February 2015, partly because she had complained about being paid less than her white coworkers.

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What Was Katie Hobb Charged With? 

Hobbs was cleared of all charges. Criminal charges weren’t brought. Adams would bring and prevail in two civil lawsuits alleging sex and racial discrimination while acting as her attorney in federal court.

The Arizona State Senate was the target of the litigation. As a defendant, Hobbs was not mentioned. But Hobbs, her chief of staff, and the head of the team for the Senate Republicans, who handled Senate operations, all gave testimony.

Katie Hobbs Controversy
Kari Lake, a Republican campaigning on the premise of election fraud and border security, has been difficult for Katie Hobbs to defeat. (Source: NYTimes)

Hobbs testified during the second trial that she had “lost trust” in Adams, partly because Adams took an urgent leave of absence to look after her kid out-of-state.

Numerous criticisms of Hobbs accuse taxpayers have paid millions due to a court decision.

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Last year, the second jury decided Adams was a victim of racial and sexual discrimination and retaliation and awarded her $2.75 million in damages. However, the damages amount was restricted to $30,000 by federal law.

The judge determined that Adams was granted $353,000 in damages after accounting for back wages and missed benefits.



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