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Is Katie Nolan Lesbian? Gender And Sexuality Of Opinionist From ESPN

Katie Nolan is famous for her show With Katie Nolan and Always Late with Katie Nolan on ESPN 2. Currently, a rumor is circulating the internet that Katie Nolan might be lesbian. Let’s get into it.

Katie Nolan is an American TV personality and host who was born in the year 1987 on January 28.

Some of her works include hosting Apple TV+’s Friday night baseball. She also often appears on NBC Sports.

Apart from being a TV commentator, Katie is also extremely good at sports.

She won a gold medal in rhythmic gymnastics at the Junior Olympics at the age of 10.

Her charismatic personality on-screen has left many people admiring her, but with fame comes rumors and speculations.

This time, the rumors are surfacing about her sexuality; many are saying that Katie Nolan is lesbian.

Is Katie Nolan Lesbian?: Engagement with Comedian Dan Soder, Putting an End to Recent Rumors

Katie Nolan is one of those celebrities who do not hesitate to talk about her personal life.

She is very active on her social media platforms, where she shares her everyday life.

Katie Nolan fiance
Katie Nolan’s fiancé Dan says that he is among one of her fans who has a massive crush on her. (Source: Instagram)

There, she has also been sharing her relationship with her fiance Dan Soder.

Dan Soder is also a famous personality; he is a stand-up comedian and an actor.

He is mostly famous for his appearances on MTV2’s Guy Code and in the show Billions.

The duo has been seeing each other since the October of 2020.

Katie has not revealed how she met Dan Soder but is extremely public with the relationship.

After dating each other for two years, Katie announced her engagement with Dan on The GoJo Show with Mike Golic Jr.

Mike jokingly asks her pointing at her ring “Do we get to talk about the thing?”

To which Katie replies flashing her ring “What thing, what could you possibly mean?”

Katie nolan with her dog
Katie Nolan has not spoken up about the lesbian rumors herself up until now. (Source: Instagram)

This confirms that Katie Nolan is not only dating Dan Soder but has already become his fiance.

With that said, this also confirms that Katie Nolan is into guys and not females and contradicts the lesbian rumors that have been going around.

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Katie Nolan and Dan Soder: Debunking Rumors and Planning a Swift Walk Down the Aisle

It is not uncommon for celebrities like Katie Nolan to get into a rumor.

She is a very successful and thriving TV personality and will remain the same irrespective of her sexuality.

Another rumor that is surfacing is that Katie Nolan and Dan Soder are soon planning to make their relationship official.

Katie Nolan lesbian
Katie is still very fond of sports and often goes to see matches. (Source: Instagram)

According to various reports, the couple does not want to have a long engagement.

They want to go on with the wedding as soon as possible.

Also, they want to have a small and intimate wedding with very few guests that are close to them.

They seem extremely happy with each other and even their close ones admire them together.

Katie is also known for being a funny and outgoing personality which makes her a great match for comedian Dan Soder.

The couple is probably making fun of the lesbian rumors going around.

Let’s hope that these lesbian rumors do not affect Katie Nolan or her fiance Dan Soder.

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