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Who Is Katie Richins Benson, Eric Richins Sister? Wikipedia And Age

This article will include information about Eric Richins sister. People have been searching for Wikipedia and age. 

Eric Richins, an American national, gained recent notoriety as the husband of author Kouri Richins. He made headlines after discovering his wife had murdered him the previous year.

Eric was married to Kouri Richins and had three children. Kouri is recognized for her children’s book “Are You With Me?” Sadly, Eric passed away on March 4, 2022, at 39.

Authorities suspect that Kouri intentionally poisoned Eric’s cocktail with a fatal dose of fentanyl. Her actions were allegedly driven by Eric’s plans to divorce her and exclude her from his will and life insurance policy.

Following Eric’s death, Kouri reportedly attempted to manipulate the life insurance policy to make herself the sole beneficiary.

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Who Is Katie Richins Benson, Eric Richins Sister?

Katie Richins Benson is the sister of Eric Richins. She is a family member involved in the probate action to execute her brother’s will following his passing.

Shortly after Eric’s passing, Kouri filed a claim against her late husband’s sister and his estate on March 28 of the same year.

However, tensions between Kouri and the Richins family emerged within 48 hours of Eric’s death.

Family suspected wife in killing of father-of-three, investigators informed.
Family suspected wife in the killing of father-of-three, investigators informed. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

According to Kouri, on March 5, the evening after Eric’s demise, several individuals, including Eric’s sister, stayed overnight at the family home.

The following morning, Kouri requested Eric’s sister to leave so she could have time and space to grieve. Kouri claims that despite her requests, Eric’s sister refused to leave and began threatening and verbally harassing her.

The sister allegedly asserted that Kouri did not own the family home and vowed to have her expelled.

Katie has filed a countersuit against Kouri, requesting the court to dismiss Kouri’s claim and award no compensation while covering the attorney fees and costs for the Trust.

In her legal response, filed in June of the previous year, Katie highlights the suspicious circumstances surrounding her brother’s death, as the police were investigating it as a potential murder.

Eric had a close bond with his sister Katie; she mentioned he often called her and shared his personal information. 

In 2020, while on vacation in Greece, Eric called his younger sister, Amy, and shared that he had become ill after consuming a drink prepared by his wife, expressing fears of being poisoned.

Eric Richins Wikipedia And Age

Eric Richins tragically passed away on March 4, 2022.

On May 9, 2023, his wife, Kouri Richins, was charged with aggravated murder, a first-degree felony, and three counts of second-degree felony possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance, as indicated in a court docket from Summit County, Utah.

Eric was discovered deceased at the foot of the couple’s bed, and despite attempts to revive him, he was pronounced dead.

The Kamas, Utah residence where Eric Richins was allegedly killed in March 2022.
The Kamas, Utah residence where Eric Richins was allegedly killed in March 2022. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

In her statement, Kouri claimed that around 9 p.m. on that day, she and Eric celebrated her successful closing on the house for her business. She stated that she made him a Moscow Mule during the celebration.

Besides the information about his death, no professional or personal information has been shared in public. Eric did not have his personal Wikipedia page. 

Eric came into the limelight after his death, and his wife killed him. People have always been curious to learn about his professional life and business. 

His family has shared limited information; he was 39 years old at his death. Eric was born in 1983. 

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