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Katt Williams IQ: Michael Blackson Thinks He Is Not Intelligent

Tensions flared between Katt Williams and Michael Blackson when Williams accused Blackson of a fake African accent, leading Blackson to stir attention on Twitter by indirectly questioning Williams’ IQ.

Born on September 2, 1971, Micah Katt Williams is an Emmy Award-winning American stand-up comedian and actor.

He earned his initial taste of fame by portraying Money Mike in Friday After Next, followed by several prominent works.

Additionally, Williams refined his comedic skills by performing in clubs across the nation, solidifying his status as an established comedian by 1999.

Some of his specials include The Pimp Chronicles, It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’, and Kattpacalypse, which perfectly captures his style.

Moreover, Williams’s comedy career has been remarkable, marked by numerous successful stand-up specials.

However, a tweet from Michael Blackson recently went viral, indirectly suggesting that Katt Williams has a lower IQ.

This comment has enraged fans of Katt Williams, as they do not believe that any other individual can assess one’s IQ.

Katt Williams IQ: Michael Blackson Thinks He Is Not Intelligent

No public record exists where Michael Blackson explicitly asserts that Katt Williams has a low IQ.

However, according to various sources, Katt Williams has an IQ of 163.

Netizens believe that Blackson’s tweet subtly implies that Katt Williams has a lower IQ, which is not true.

On the Drink Champs show, Blackson joked about Williams, quipping,

Look at Katt Williams. He fought a 10-year-old kid and smoked crack, but he’s so likeable and lovable.

Tom Williams wore a black and gray hat with a chain around his neck.
Recently, Katt Williams commented that Blackson is a real African, using a fake African accent. (Source: Variety)

Williams interpreted Blackson’s comment as insulting, feeling offended by the humor presented on the Drink Champs show.

The disagreement escalated during the filming of Nick Cannon’s Wild N Out show.

According to Blackson, Williams verbally attacked him for his comments on Drink Champs.

Blackson later regretted the incident and attempted to squash the beef with Williams.

He clarified that his comments were meant as a roast, not an insult.

Meanwhile, Katt Williams remarked on Michael Blackson’s accent in a recent appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay.

Michael Blackson's tweet on his Twitter.
Michael Blackson posted on his Twitter account following the comment from Katt Williams. (Source: Twitter)

He stated that Blackson is a real African, doing a fake African accent.

In response to this, Michael Blackson tweeted to his Twitter account.

He expressed that sometimes things said about each other in the comedy world can go wrong, but they don’t mean harm.

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Spotlight On Michael Blackson: The Stand-Up Comedian And Actor

Michael Blackson, born Kojo Bediako on November 28, 1974, in Liberia to Ghanaian parents, grew up in the slum of Clara Town in Monrovia.

He is also known as The African King of Comedy and is a renowned actor.

In the mid-1980s, he relocated to the United States, initially living in Newark, New Jersey, at 13 and later settling in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when he turned 15.

Blackson’s comedy journey began when a Domino’s coworker suggested he try open mic.

Meanwhile, one of his early screen appearances was as an extra student in the 1989 film Lean On Me.

Michael Blackson sported a green cap and an open-chest outfit.
Blackson became a U.S. citizen on November 24, 2021. (Source: Instagram)

Later, in 2005, he released a comedy sketch CD titled Modasucka: Welcome to America.

He has also acted in films such as Next Friday (2000), The Savages (2007), and Meet the Blacks (2016).

As for his romantic life, Blackson proposed to his girlfriend, Rada Darling, on July 31, 2021, during a radio interview on The Breakfast Club.

On November 24, 2021, Michael Blackson officially achieved the milestone of becoming a U.S. citizen.

As part of his philanthropic efforts, he constructed a school in Ghana, commissioned in early January 2023.

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