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Kaylea Titford Found Dead in Her Bed- Father Alun Titford Arrested- Where Is He Now?

Kaylea Titford was found dead in her bed, and her Father, Alun Titford, was arrested. Be with us to learn more about the Kaylea Titford murder case.

A manslaughter trial heard that a Father was unaware of the abuse his obese daughter had experienced before her death.

In October 2020, the body of Kaylea Louise Titford, 16, was discovered on dirty sheets. Police noted an “unbearable” rotting odour and living conditions that were “unfit for any animal.”

Alun Titford, her Father, is a 45-year-old Powys resident accused of manslaughter by gross negligence in Mold Crown Court.

Sarah Lloyd-Jones, Kaylea’s mother, previously admitted to the same offence.

“I could have done more,” says the father of the obese girl who was discovered dead and covered in maggots.

Kaylea Titford, 16, was discovered unresponsive while covered in filthy clothes and bedding.

Kaylea Titford Found Dead in Her Bed

A court has heard that the parents of a 16-year-old daughter who passed away after getting morbidly obese during the lockdown and living in conditions “unfit for any animal” were extremely negligent.

Police found Kaylea Louise Titford’s body on dirty bedding with an “unbearable” rotting odour.

At Mold Crown Court, her father Alun Titford, of Newtown, Powys, rejects the charge of manslaughter by reckless disregard.

Sarah Lloyd Jones, Kaylea’s mother, had admitted to the same offence.

According to Caroline Rees KC, Kaylea had spina bifida, which limited her movement and left her with minimal feeling below the waist. She had used a wheelchair since an early age.

She was severely obese and about 23 stone (146 kg) when she was discovered dead at home, the court heard.

The obese daughter’s mother confesses to killing her. The court was informed that Kaylea had unclean, matted hair and unwashed, ulcerated skin.

Kaylea Titford
Kaylea Titford father Alun Titford. (Source: BBC)

On the morning of October 10, 2020, Mr Titford’s mother allegedly dialled 999 before paramedics were dispatched to her home and Kaylea’s death was discovered.

She had many sores and infected regions and was sleeping on dirty sheets.

Kaylea Titford Father Alun Titford Arrested- Where Is He Now?

The obese teen’s Father testified in court that he could have done more to help her when she was discovered dead at home.

When Kaylea Titford, 16, passed away in October 2020 at her home in Newtown, Powys, where she was discovered laying in filthy clothes and bed linen, she weighed 22 stone and 13 lbs and had a body mass index of 70.

During his testimony on Wednesday, Kaylea’s Father, Alun Titford—who denies manslaughter—was questioned by the defence attorney David Elias KC about whether he could have done more to assist Kaylea. Yes, I agree, he said. Simply put, I could have done more.

The question of whether Titford, 45, was the best possible parent to any of his six children was posed.

Kaylea Titford
Kaylea Titford was found dead with maggots on her body. (Source: North Wales Live )

Kaylea suffered hydrocephalus, a buildup of fluid on the head, and spina bifida, both of which affect the back, and she has required a wheelchair since she was a little child, according to prosecutor Caroline Rees KC.

She went to Newtown High School, where staff members characterized her as “funny and chatty,” but after the coronavirus lockdown started in March 2020, Ms Rees said, she was forced to stay at home.

When paramedics discovered Kaylea dead, she was laying on filthy “puppy pads,” with maggots and flies on her body, and milk bottles filled with pee all around her bed. She claimed to have lived in “squalor and degradation.”

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