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Keenan Allen Tattoos Meaning And Design: Long Beard Look Good On His Face

People are interested in knowing about the meaning and design of Keenan Allen tattoos, as well as his long beard.

Since 2013, Keenan Allen has showcased his prowess as one of the NFL’s premier wide receivers, donning the jersey for the Los Angeles Chargers.

With an impressive record that includes four Pro Bowl selections and over 8,000 receiving yards in his career, Allen has solidified his status as a key player in the league.

Beyond his on-field achievements, Allen stands out for his distinctive tattoos and character-defining beard, both serving as personal expressions of his identity and heritage.

These unique features add a layer of individuality to his public persona, creating a visual narrative that extends beyond the gridiron.

As fans continue to marvel at his athletic feats, Keenan Allen’s off-field style and personal touches contribute to the multifaceted profile of this standout NFL player.

Keenan Allen Tattoos Meaning And Design

Allen has several tattoos on his body, but the most prominent one is the word “Lumbee” on his left arm, just above his elbow.

Lumbee is the name of a Native American tribe that Allen belongs to through his mother’s side.

The Lumbee tribe is based in North Carolina and has over 55,000 members, becoming the most extensive Native American group to the east of the Mississippi River.

Keenan Allen tattoos
Adorned with ink, Allen proudly showcases a canvas of several tattoos on his uniquely marked body. (Image Source: X.com)

Allen is proud of his Lumbee heritage and has expressed his gratitude for being part of such a rich culture.

He has also participated in events to celebrate Native American Heritage Month and to raise awareness about the issues facing indigenous people.

Allen’s tattoo is a way of honoring his ancestors and showing his identity to the world.

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Allen also has other tattoos on his arms, chest, back, and neck, some of which are related to his football career, such as the number 13 (his jersey number), the word “Charger” and a lightning bolt.

He also has tattoos of a cross, a crown, a lion, a rose, a star, and a sun. Some of these tattoos may have personal meanings for Allen, while others may be simply for aesthetic purposes.

Keenan Allen Long Beard Looks Good On His Face

Another feature that makes Allen stand out is his long beard, which he has been growing since he entered the league.

Allen’s beard is thick and curly, covering most of his face and reaching down to his chest. He often styles it with braids or beads, adding some flair to his look.

Allen’s beard is not only a fashion statement but also a sign of confidence and maturity.

Keenan Allen beard
Keenan Allen’s fans adore his iconic beard, a symbol of his distinctive style and rugged charm. (Image Source: Los Angeles Times)

He has said that he likes his beard because it makes him look older and more intimidating on the field.

Furthermore, he also thinks that it suits his personality and gives him an edge over his opponents.

Allen’s beard has earned him praise from fans and media alike, who have ranked him among the best beards in the NFL.

He has also inspired other players to grow their own beards, such as his teammate Justin Herbert, who sported a similar look during his rookie season.

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Allen’s beard is not only a part of his appearance but also a part of his identity. 

Moreover, he has said that he would never shave it off, even if he was offered money to do so.

He considers his beard as a symbol of who he is and what he stands for.


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