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Kelly Wilkinson Kids: Meet Her 3 Children And Husband Brian Earl Johnston

Kelly Wilkinson kids are finding hope and a new home after two years of their mother’s death. Witness their journey to a brighter future.

Kelly Wilkinson was a Gold Coast mother who tragically died in April 2021.

Her estranged husband, Brian Earl Johnston, allegedly murdered her by dousing her in petrol and setting her on fire in the backyard of their Arundel home.

At the time of the incident, Kelly’s three young children, aged between two and nine, were in the house.

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Kelly Wilkinson Kids: Meet Her 3 Children

Kelly Wilkinson’s three children, aged between two and nine, faced an unimaginable tragedy in April 2021 when their mother’s life was brutally taken away.

Following Kelly’s death, her sister Danielle Carroll and her husband, Rhys, immediately ensured the children were cared for and loved.

Danielle and Rhys and their five children warmly welcomed Kelly’s kids into their home, forming an extended family of ten.

Despite the challenges of living in a crowded four-bedroom home, the couple showered the children with love and provided them with a safe and supportive environment.

Recognizing the hardship faced by the Carroll family and Kelly’s children, entrepreneur Tamika Smith stepped forward with a selfless act of generosity.

As the founder of My Bella Casa and Top 100 Women and a Carroll family relative, Tamika launched the “I Stand With Kelly” campaign.

Kelly Wilkinson Kids
Kelly Wilkinson’s kids and cousins are moving into the new home. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

She aimed to rally the community to support the Wilkinson kids in their need.

The response was overwhelming, with an anonymous contributor offering the much-needed land and the renowned construction company Metricon generously donating an entire house.

Despite the challenges posed by the construction sector at that time, the dedicated team of builders and volunteers worked tirelessly for over two years to turn the dream of a new home into a reality.

Finally, after much hard work and dedication, the fully furnished seven-bedroom house on the outskirts of the Gold Coast was completed. The family unveiled their new home on a heartwarming Tuesday night.

The children, who had spent the last year witnessing the transformation of the house from a mere slab of concrete, were filled with excitement and happiness.

Kelly Wilkinson Husband Brian Earl Johnston

Brian Earl Johnston was the estranged husband of Kelly Wilkinson. Tragically, he allegedly committed a horrific act of domestic violence that resulted in Kelly’s death.

In April 2021, Kelly’s life was cut short when she was found dead at her Gold Coast home in a disturbing manner. According to reports, Brian allegedly doused her with petrol and set her on fire in the backyard.

Following the incident, Brian was found nearby with severe burns to his hands and airway, and he was subsequently charged with Kelly’s murder.

At the time of the alleged attack, Kelly’s three children were in the house. They witnessed the horrifying event and faced immense trauma as a result.

Brian Earl Johnston has been charged with Wilkinson’s murder and remains in custody while awaiting trial.

Kelly Wilkinson Kids
Picture of Kelly Wilkinson and Husband Brian Earl Johnston. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

The case drew significant attention to the issue of domestic violence in Australia, highlighting the need for more support and resources for victims of such violence.

The community’s efforts to build a new home for Kelly’s children and their extended family have given them a fresh start and hope for a brighter future after the tragedy they endured.

The community rallied to support Kelly’s children as the investigation and legal proceedings continued. 

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