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Is Kelsey Cook Husband Chad Daniels Or Are They Just Dating?

Kelsey Cook, one of the most admired comedians, is now making headlines regarding her relationship with Chad Daniels, where people wonder if he is her husband. What is the truth? Let’s find out!

Kelsey Cook is a famous comedian who was born in the year 1989 in Spokane, Washington.

Many people love and admire her due to her ability to make other people laugh. Except for stand-up comedy, she also loves playing foosball.

Moreover, Kelsey Cook and her parents have played professional foosball for years.

Even though she was extremely good at the sport, Kelsey Cook knew her true calling was in comedy.

Her journey as a stand-up comedian began in her college years.

After graduating from college, she spent five years in Seattle doing various comedy shows and finally moved to Los Angeles in 2015.

She is now a renowned comedian with a massive fan following on various social media platforms.

Regarding her social media, Kelsey Cook often shares pictures with another comedian, Chad Daniels, leaving everyone curious if he is her husband.

Kelsey Cook And Chad Daniels’ On-Air Chemistry: Are They Husband And Wife?

Kelsey Cook and Chad Daniels are comedians whom everyone admires.

As Kelsey Cook started posting her picture along with Chad Daniels, their fans speculated they might be sharing the relationship of husband and wife.

Moreover, they also looked incredibly adorable together, which made their fans more curious about their relationship.

Kelsey cook with her boyfriend Chad Daniel.
Kelsey Cook, with her boyfriend Chad Daniel, looks happier. (Source: Twitter)

However, as per the sources, Kelsey Cook and Chad Daniels are not married.

But it is confirmed they are in a relationship and share a strong bond with each other.

The couple announced their relationship in March of 2023. They revealed their relationship in Cyrus XM’s Jim and Sam show, shocking everyone in the audience.

Some fans even said they wanted Kelsey Cook and Chad to become a couple.

Kelsey Cook and Chad Daniels selfie in the park.
Kelsey Cook and Chad Daniels will make a perfect husband and wife if they are to get married soon. (Source: Twitter)

Since the announcement, Kelsey Cook and Chad have not been shying away from posting each other photos on their social media sites.

They spend most of their time together with their loved ones and family.

From holidays to gatherings, it appears that the couple can’t stay away from each other.

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Kelsey Cook And Chad Daniels’ Starts ‘Pretend Problems’ Podcast

Kelsey Cook looks incredibly comfortable and happy with her boyfriend, Chad Daniels.

The pictures make it look like they have been married for years, and Kelsey Cook and Chad Daniels are husband and wife.

Hopefully, they will be giving the good news to their fans very soon.

They may not have decided to marry, but they have committed to working together on a podcast.

Kelsey Cook husband.
Kelsey and Chad have similar humor and charisma on stage, which makes their relationship more interesting. (Source: Twitter)

The podcast is titled ‘Pretend Problems’ with Kelsey Cook and Chad Daniels.

The duo talks about their relationship and life on tour in the podcast.

They shed light on all the challenges they come up with while touring on a strict timeline.

Through the podcast, they also aim to advise their listeners who want to write for comedy shows.

It is incredible how Kelsey Cook and Chad balance their work and personal lives.

Their journey is lovely, and hopefully, Kelsey Cook and Chad Daniels will soon become husband and wife if their relationship remains as strong as now.

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