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Who Is Kemba Smith Son Armani? Kids & Family Details

Following the release of the film Kemba, which presents the real-life story of an advocate, Kemba Smith, many have shown interest in her married life, especially her son Armani.

Kemba Smith is a well-recognized American personality famous for her struggles and contribution to the judicial sector.

Born on August 28, 1971, she advocated for criminal justice reforms.

After spending her life in prison for 24.5 years for the crime she never committed, she learned the flaws of the criminal justice system at a very young age.

Since then, her determination has led her to the judicial circuit as an advocate for fair sentencing law and prison reforms.

Kemba’s work in collaboration with policymakers, organizations, and communities has earned her worldwide recognition.

Beyond her advocacy work, she is also a motivational speaker, inspiring millions with her story and personal experiences.

She has also forayed into literature with a writing on her life story titled Poster Child: The Kemba Smith Story.

Meanwhile, with her increasing fame, the family of Kemba Smith, including her son, Armani, has become a topic of interest for her followers. 

Kemba Smith’s Married Life And Kids

The family details of Kemba Smith have always been a topic of interest among her followers. 

But despite that, she has always preferred keeping her family away from the spotlight and has managed to do so to date.

Kemba Smith captured along with her family.
Kemba has always played a supportive role in the life of her children. (Source: Instagram)

Due to this lack of disclosure and her privacy preference, little is known about her personal life and family.

However, according to some sources, Kemba has married Patrick Paradia since she was released.

Together, the couple has a 13-year-old daughter, but her name remains a mystery.

She also has a son named Armani, who was born during the first month of her incarceration.

She often shares glimpses of them through her Instagram account, and looking at her post, the Smith family seems like a happening family, sharing a lovely bond. 

At present, Kemba and her family live in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Who Is Kemba Smith Son Armani? Details On His Profession

In the current digital world, famous personalities often attract people not just for their achievements but also for their personal life.

Similarly, at the moment, the family and son of American advocate Kemba Smith have turned out to be a significant topic online.

As part of her family, details about Armani, the son of Kemba Smith, have also remained private.

Kemba Smith captured along with her son.
Kemba’s son, Armani, is a fashion model. (Source: Instagram)

However, according to a Facebook post from Kemba, her son, Armani, graduated from the world’s #1 fashion business program.

He graduated from the prestigious Francais de la Mode Institute in France.

Meanwhile, per his Instagram, Armani has been deeply involved in fashion modeling since graduation.

Additionally, he also seems like a travel freak with highlights consisting of pictures from multiple destinations.

Since graduating, he has worked with numerous prestigious modeling agencies alongside famous personalities like Jenna Ortega and others.

Moreover, Armani seems like a dedicated soul and an emerging talent in the American modeling industry.

With an emerging career, Kemba’s son’s talent will soon earn him worldwide recognition.

Until then, he will remain an underdog artist in the fashion and modeling world.

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How Did Kemba Smith Became Famous?

Kemba Smith, widely recognized for her work as an advocate, gained notoriety after her release from prison.

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Kemba ended up behind bars for her parent’s drug activities at the age of 19.

Screenshot of Kemba's movie.
Kemba’s story has been presented in a recent film. (Source: Instagram)

Later, she claimed that the accusation of non-violent drug offenses made against her was wrongful.

Despite these claims and no past criminal records, Kemba received 24.5 years in prison. This moment of her life marked the beginning of her advocacy career.

While in prison, she witnessed the harsh reality of the criminal justice system in the United States.

Following her experiences, Kemba began her advocacy journey while incarcerated, later emerging as a famous woman in the country.

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