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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Accident At Office: Woman Arrested

Ken Paxton accident at his office has garnered significant public attention. Find out the information about the suspects via this article. 

Ken Paxton is an American attorney and politician who has been serving as the Attorney General of Texas since January 2015.

Before his role as Attorney General, Paxton was one of the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate members.

Paxton is affiliated with the Republican Party and has been involved in various legal and political controversies throughout his career.

Before his role as Attorney General, Paxton had served as a Texas State Senator for the 8th district and a Texas State Representative for the 70th district.

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Accident At Office

Following the accusations against him and the subsequent order to preserve related documents and evidence, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton faced another incident at his office.

The Texas Department of Public Safety investigated and determined that the fire, which occurred just hours after the accusations, was unintentional.

Surveillance footage released by Paxton’s office showed flames emanating from a dumpster before being extinguished.

Although it was established that the fire was not deliberately set, Paxton expressed his disapproval of the media coverage surrounding the incident.

Ken Paxton accident
The screenshot captures a small dumpster fire outside Texas AG’s office on 24th May. (Image Source: Kera News)

Paxton strongly condemned what journalists and public figures deemed irresponsible and reckless speculation.

He called for retractions and apologies from those responsible for spreading what he considered false disinformation about the incident.

The Attorney General’s office took to Twitter, sharing videos and informing the public that an individual had intentionally ignited a dumpster fire at approximately 6:30 pm on Wednesday.

They sought the public’s assistance in identifying the suspect responsible for the act.

To aid in the investigation, the Austin Fire Department Arson Investigators collaborated by gathering samples and forwarding them to the state laboratory, as requested by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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Woman Arrested In Connection To Fire Outside Texas AG Office

The Texas Attorney General’s Office has announced that the individual responsible for setting fire to a dumpster outside their office has been apprehended.

In a tweet, the office of Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General, stated that the Texas Department of Public Safety arrested a 42-year-old woman in connection with the incident.

According to reports, the woman arrested in connection with the dumpster fire has been charged with criminal mischief amounting to or exceeding $25,000 but less than $30,000.

Ken Paxton accident
Unintentional dumpster fire outside Paxton’s office; media coverage criticized. (Image Source: Axios)

The circumstances surrounding the fire, such as the woman’s actions captured on surveillance cameras, led the authorities to conclude that it was an unintended event.

The decision to charge the woman with criminal mischief suggests that although the fire was accidental, it resulted in significant damage or destruction.

The dumpster fire, determined to have been caused by a lit cigarette and unintentionally set, added another layer of complexity to an ongoing saga involving internal conflicts between the Texas House and Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Despite the harmless nature of the incident, it further intensified the tensions and controversies that have engulfed the state Capitol in recent days.

Former employees have come forward, stating that they were terminated in 2020 after reporting a range of alleged misconduct by the Republican Attorney General to relevant authorities.

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