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Is Kendrick Lamar Gay Or Homophobic? Find The Truth!

The recent song Auntie Diaries by Kendrick Lamar has divided people into speculating whether he is either gay or homophobic. So, which side does Kendrick Lamar take?

Kendrick Lamar is often considered one of the most influential hip-hop rap artists of the current generation. In 2018, he even managed to bag the Pulitzer Prize for Music.

Other than being a singer, Kendrick is also a songwriter with credits for many of his songs.

In 2023, Kendrick was even deemed the second-greatest rapper of all time by Billboard and Vibe. All of Kendrick’s albums have surpassed 1 billion streams each.

He has even won a flood of awards with 17 Grammy Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, Brits Awards, 25 BET Hip-hop Awards, 6 Billboard Music Awards, and more.

This goes to show the cultural impact that Kendrick has had and continues to have in the music industry.

However, his recent hit has made people speculate Kendrick Lamar’s point of view on sexuality.

Is Kendrick Lamar Gay Or Homophobic? Find Out The Truth!

Kendrick Lamar, unlike most of his contemporaries, has generally stayed away from controversy.

However, in 2022, Kendrick Lamar dropped his new hit, Auntie Diaries. This song left both his critics and fans in confusion regarding its meaning.

Kendrick Lamar posing while resting on a stand
Kendrick Lamar’s real name is Kendrick Lamar Duckworth. (Source: Twitter)

Many started assuming that this was Kendrick Lamar finally coming out of the closet. However, Kendrick never hinted towards that direction in the song or ever in the past.

One of the much-publicized lyrics in the song reads My auntie is a man now, Demetrius is Mary-Ann now.

With this, Kendrick is hinting that his aunt was a member of the trans community. Furthermore, he also hints that his cousin is also a trans.

Later in the song, he also slams his preacher for teaching him to be against same-sex and for turning him against his trans relatives.

Regarding the rumors of Kendrick Lamar actually being gay, though, he has never publicly stated anything.

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Is There Homophobia Hidden Behind His Support?

Initially, the backfire on Kendrick Lamar was from the religious side of people who thought he was gay and supported gay rights.

However, later, even people from the LGBTQ community were divisive on this song. The use of homophobic slurs in the song meant that they, too, were unhappy with Kendrick.

Kendrick Lamar being papped out in the public before gay rumor.
Kendrick witnessed Dr. Dre and Tupac Shakur shooting the video for California Love when he was just nine. (Source: Instagram)

There was the use of deadnames and the inclusion of multiple homophobic slurs in the song.

Some people, therefore, believed that Kendrick, with his level of influence, should have avoided this.

Kendrick is even famous for his religious beliefs, and hence, LGBTQ listeners were not completely supportive of the song.

Some even believed that the song had a hidden agenda against the trans community, given Kendrick Lamar’s religious nature.

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Has Kendrick Shown Support To The LGBTQI+ Community Before?

In 2012, Kendrick Lamar, during an interview with DJ Drama, stated that he believed in people’s freedom.

This was in context to then President Barrack Obama’s support of gay marriage.

He stated that he cannot force someone to change their beliefs. Further, he believes that as long as people are happy, they should be able to do anything.

He also extended his support to Frank Ocean when he came out. Many rappers at the time had responded negatively to this step from Frank Ocean.

Kendrick Lamar, however, publicly supported Frank Ocean for having come out as gay.

Further, he also stood against the rappers opposing Frank.

Kendrick highlighted the hypocrisy of those opposing Frank, stating that those opposed still are wearing clothes created by LGBTQ designers.

Kendrick Lamar getting pictured while taking a nap on set.
Kendrick Lamar has been widely recognized for his musical versatility and artistic reinventions. (Source: Instagram)

Evidently, Kendrick, despite his religious background, has always been supportive of the gay rights and LGBTQ movement.

Furthermore, Kendrick has been engaged to his partner Whitney Alford since 2015. The couple even have 2 kids together.

The couple have been together since high school, which goes to show the love and affection they share.

Clearly, Kendrick is quite content with both his family life as well as his music career.

Hence, despite the rumors circulating of Kendrick Lamar being gay, he has chosen to remain silent rather than stir up any more controversy.

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