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Kenji Hiraishi Arrested On Suspicions Of Aggravated Bribe-Taking And Violation Of Confidentiality Obligation

Is Kenji Hiraishi arrested? Tokushima Prefecture police have detained the vice speaker of a town parliament on suspicion of leaking investigative material.

According to individuals acquainted with the situation, Police in Tokushima Prefecture has detained the vice speaker of a town assembly after he allegedly gave the guy thought to be the group’s Leader investigation information in exchange for money.

Kenji Hiraishi Arrested On Suspicions Of Aggravated Bribe Taking 

According to the sources, Kenji Hiraishi, the 45-year-old deputy speaker of the Aizumi town assembly, was detained on suspicion of aggravated bribery and breaching a confidentiality agreement mandated by the Local Public Service Law.

According to the sources, Sayaka Abe, a 39-year-old former official of the town of Aizumi, was also detained on similar charges.

According to them, 52-year-old South Korean Taishi Kin was detained on suspicion of offering and encouraging bribes violating the law.

In addition to 14 other people, Kin has been detained on accusations of selling marijuana.

Kenji Hiraishi Did Violation Of Confidentiality Obligation 

Hiraishi is suspected of telling Kin that last year, the town was contacted by the investigating authorities to authenticate the identity of a guy who was the subject of a marijuana case.

For the information, Kin allegedly paid Hiraishi tens of thousands of yen in cash. The sources claim that the individual belongs to Kin’s trafficking gang.

According to the sources, Hiraishi is thought to have learned that an inquiry had been made via Abe and relayed this information to Kin, a friend.

According to sources acquainted with the investigation by Osaka prefectural and other Police, the individual is a member of Kin’s trafficking gang.

On suspicion of having marijuana with the intention of selling it, Kin and 14 other people have already been detained.

Punishment for Violation Of Confidentiality Obligation in Japan

People working in specific professions must maintain secrecy, including public employees, attorneys, doctors, and dentists.

Additionally, violators may be punished under the Unfair Competition Prevention Act for disclosing information that qualifies as a “trade secret” or “data for limited provision.”

Except in specific circumstances, it is forbidden for someone who fits the criteria of a “Personal Information Handling Company” to disclose personal information to other parties.

In addition to these legally mandated obligations of confidence, a confidentiality agreement may also contain contractual obligations.

Under Japanese law, “confidential information” is not explicitly defined, but “trade secrets,” “data for limited provision,” and “personal information” are all given legal definitions.

The phrases “trade secret” and “data for limited provision” are defined under the Unfair Competition Prevention Act.

Technical or business information kept confidential and not generally known but valuable for business operations, such as manufacturing or marketing techniques, is referred to as a “trade secret.”

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