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Pro-Trump Attorney Kenneth Chesebro Family: Ex Wife Emily Stevens

Since facing accusations of being part of a plan to unlawfully keep Trump in power, people want to know more about the life of Kenneth Chesebro, especially his family.

Kenneth John Chesebro, an American lawyer, gained attention for his role. He attempted to overturn the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Similarly, Georgia charged him in 2023, making him famous for his alleged involvement in a plot concerning fake electors for Trump.

On October 20, 2023, he admitted guilt to one felony count of conspiracy to commit filing false documents. He also committed to testifying against Donald Trump and other defendants.

Kenneth Chesebro’s testimony in front of the U.S. House of Representatives shed light on his personal life. People gained curiosity about details on his ex-spouse, and his current marital status.

Further, this article will simplify the background, education, and family of Kenneth Chesebro.

Meet Kenneth Chesebro Former Wife: Emily Steven

People have long been curious about lawyer Kenneth Chesebro’s ex-wife. In addition, they wonder if he has remarried.

Kenneth Chesebro and Emily Stevens tied the knot in 1994. They used to reside in a modest apartment near Harvard College. However, the details of how they met remain a mystery.

Moreover, Emily was initially a physician. Later, she joined her husband in legal work. Likewise, the couple enjoyed their happy marriage for over two decades before divorcing in 2014.

Kenneth smiling in brown suit
Kenneth’s former wife attended law school and helped him write briefs (Source: The Washington Post)

Furthermore, the reasons for their divorce are private. Along with the circumstances of their divorce, whether Kenneth has children with Emily remains undisclosed.

Following the divorce, Kenneth Chesebro underwent significant lifestyle changes. Additionally, he relocated to prestigious places like the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Boston and a penthouse in Manhattan’s Central Park South.

Since the divorce in 2014, people have been curious about whether the attorney has remarried. However, his relationship status remained unknown for a long time.

Around the age of 60, Kenneth initiated a relationship with a younger woman, indulging her with trips worldwide.

A friend of the family mentioned that the couple had gotten married. However, Kenneth, assisted by his lawyer, declined to discuss whether he was married or anything else.

People are also curious about the personal details of the attorney, and there’s ongoing curiosity about the family of Kenneth Chesebro.

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Kenneth Chesebro’s Early Life And Family Detail 

Even though there is a Wikipedia page dedicated to the attorney, it lacks substantial details about the family of Kenneth Chesebro.

Additionally, the reason why the family details still remain a mystery is due to Kenneth Chesebro’s private nature.

Kenneth Chesebro was born around 1961 to his parents and grew up in a small Wisconsin town. Furthermore, his father, a music teacher, and his mother, a speech therapist, raised him.

Kenneth Chesebro young age photo with his old friend in uniform
Kenneth earned a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School in the class of 1986 (Source: The Washington Post)

Likewise, Kenneth developed a passion for music and law in his childhood. Additionally, it remains uncertain if Kenneth has any siblings.

However, he experienced a supportive upbringing with love from his parents in his hometown. His early education played a pivotal role in shaping his career.

Kenneth excelled academically, earning a scholarship to Northwestern University, where he pursued political science.

Later, Harvard Law School became his academic path, where he formed a friendship with Elena Kagan, who later became a Supreme Court Justice.

Both Kenneth and Elena served as research assistants for Professor Laurence Tribe, a prominent constitutional law scholar.

Kenneth sad face in court
Kenneth was an early bitcoin investor (Source: Twitter)

Although the family details of Kenneth Chesebro remain unknown, people recognize that his parents’ encouragement significantly influenced his success as a legal professional.

Additionally, it is known that Kenneth Chesebro and Emily Stevens enjoyed over two decades of marriage.

Despite the limited information about his family, people acknowledge Kenneth Chesebro as an accomplished American attorney.

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