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Kevin Leonardo Nair Video Reddit And Twitter: Hair Removal Video Gone Viral

What’s inside Kevin Leonardo Nair Video Reddit or Twitter? If you have yet to glimpse his recent hair removal video, stay tuned with us till the last.

An Indonesian YouTuber, Kevin Leonardo, grabbed the limelight with his controversial makeup video. He is widely popular for his makeup tutorial and cosmetic life-hack videos.

Leanardo is a graduate of Pelita Harapan University. He recieved his Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies in 2021.

Fans are fond of watching Leanardo’s content because of his charismatic personality. He also gained more than 66.5 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, Kevin has 9.2 million likes and 344.2k followers on his TikTok account, @thekewlestkew. He also has 5.8 thousand followers on his Instagram handle @thecoolestkev.

What is Kevin Leonardo Nair Video Reddit and Twitter?

Kevin Leonardo shared a makeup tutorial video on Reddit and Twitter on 26th June 2023. He showed the visual guide to safely and comfortably shaving pubic hair. 

Some people say Kevin’s recent Nair video is controversial because of his public undress. It has become a controversial topic to discuss for fans as well.

Kevin Leonardo Nair Video Reddit and Twitter
Kevin Leonardo Nair Video Reddit is getting viral on social media. Source: (Instagram)

In Kevin’s defense, he explained why he made the Nair video on his Instagram story. He stated that “the only intention of the content is to teach how to maintain personal hygiene.

Kevin Leonardo Hair Removal Video Gone Viral

In the context of the controversial video, Kevin mentioned using NAIR cream while removing pubic hair. It is the #1 hair cream brand that is available to purchase on Amazon.

The Youtuber also used a Mansports groin hair trimmer. Moreover, he shows how to remove the hair around the genital areas in an alternative method.

Leonardo further elaborated that it helps to remove prickly regrowing hair and accidental cuts. Similarly, he shows the right tools to trim a body’s private parts safely.

Not just that, Kevin says there are many things that his viewers need to know about personal hygiene.

He also posted related topics about his new, improved bottoming course and discreet premium douche kits.

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Who Are Kevin Leonardo Parents? Meet His Family

Kevin Leonardo’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Leanardo. Sadly, his father died at age 36 due to natural causes. At the time of his dad’s demise, he was only four.

On the other hand, Leonardo has a beautiful, loving bond with his mother, Vera Leanardo. He recently celebrated his mother’s birthday on 2nd July 2023 by posting a picture of them via Instagram.

Kevin Leonardo Nair Video Reddit and Twitter
Kevin Leonardo’s father passed away when he was 36 years old due to natural causes. Source: (Instagram)

Leonardo’s mother is an avid hiker who loves hiking once a week. She also loves baking cookies and playing board game challenges.

Kevin also has an adopted sister, Olivia W. Koyama, with whom she spent her childhood. Besides, he has a cousin Sofia who is similar to his age.

Does Kevin Leonardo Have A Girlfriend?

Kevin Leonardo does have a beautiful girlfriend, Shannon Tam. They have known each other for over 15 years. Moreover, they begin dating when they are in their teenage.

Leonardo wished a delighted birthday post to his girlfriend via Instagram. But did you know that Shannon is 25 years old as of 2023?

Kevin Leonardo Nair Video Reddit and Twitter
YouTuber Kevin Leonardo with his girlfriend, Shannon celebrating their 15th anniversary. Source: (Instagram)

Despite having a seven-year gap, the couple is happy with each other. Also, the duo’s zodiac signs match Capricorn (Shannon) and Scorpio (Leonardo).

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