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Who Is Khadija Shah? Former FM Salman Shah Daughter Arrested Fir Jinnah House Attack

Former finance minister Salman Shah daughter, Khadija Shah, is the prime suspect in the Fir Jinnah House attack. Learn more about the case from this article. 

After seeing a tweet published by Khadija Shah, people cannot contain their excitement.

In a tweet in support of Imran Khan, Khadija Shah also criticized the Pakistani people for wasting their time by organizing protests across the country.

Khadija Shah also expressed her opinion that Pakistani citizens need to mobilize to be more effective and productive because they tend to procrastinate and squander time.

People went on the hunt for Khadija Shah after seeing this post from her.

You may get all the crucial information about the Jinnah House attack and Khadija Shah from this post. So stick with us until the end to learn more about the case. 

Khadija Shah Is Former FM Salman Shah Daughter

Being the beloved daughter of Salman Shah has made Khadija Shah famous, but she has also established her own brand.

She is one of Pakistan’s top fashion designers and the granddaughter of the former commander of the Pakistani army, Asif Nawaz Janjua.

She is Elan’s founder and creative director, a well-known luxury brand in Pakistan.

The brand that Khadija is about to launch focuses on giving ladies distinctive, unmatched, reasonably priced clothes. The Company’s name is Zaha.

Salman Shah Daughter
Former finance minister Salman Shah daughter, Khadija Shah, is a top fashion designer in Pakistan. (Source: The News International)

Shah’s creations are well-known. She built her international reputation by steadily growing her label.

However, she has also received recognition for her bridal wear, flawless luxury clothing, sought couture, ready-to-wear apparel, season unstitched collections, and a few leather accessories.

Shah is quite knowledgeable about regional business and monitors global trends.

She is also working to redefine fashion in her nation with her keen business sense and eye for design.

She explained the meaning of her cryptic tweet by writing, “I am in sympathy with Imran Khan, but I can not bring myself to support an hour squandered by a nation already lagging needlessly standing to register a protest.

A population accustomed to sleeping in and wasting time has to be inspired to become active and successful!”

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Fir Jinnah House Attack: Is Salman Shah Daughter Khadija Shah Arrested?

The inquiry into the May 9 incident in Lahore on Jinnah House remains ongoing. The primary suspect in the assault on Jinnah House is Khadija Shah.

In an act of protest against former prime minister Imran Khan, Shah is accused of ransacking the home of a senior military officer.

As a result, officers searched Khadija Shah’s home and took her husband into custody, according to Police sources.

Salman Shah Daughter
CCTV footage caught Salman Shah Daughter, Khadija, escaping as Police raided her House. (Source: The Pakistan Daily)

Khadija Shah left through the back door as the cops arrived, and the CCTV system recorded it.

According to Police sources, Khadija Shah was given sanctuary by a man named Umar Sheikh, based on information from Police.

The claim that Salman Shah and his brother were detained is untrue. The Police have obtained all evidence from the attack on Jinnah House.

Khadija was photographed at a protest when Police detained Imran Khan.

Many people attacked the home of the Corp Commander, and a viral video of the event showed many of them being detained by Police.

As one user tweeted, “I am concerned for Khadijah Shah’s safety, and her family members are in the custody of Police.

@AzharSiddique is representing the Shah family,” others are also praying for her protection.

A young designer who runs the largest lawn brand and a foreign-trained woman never deserve to be treated like this.

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