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Kian Niroomand Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Tennis Player? Family And Net Worth

People want to know about Kian Niroomand Wikipedia details. Kian Niroomand is a Tennis player based.

Kian Niroomand graduated in 2009 from Wilma Rudolph High School.

“Adaptable administrations: Can public administrations operate swiftly, effectively, and independently in the face of unforeseen environmental changes?” is the topic of a doctoral degree in economics.

He was a public servant for the State of Berlin from 2016 to 2021. Now let’s dive deep to learn more about Kian Niroomand Wikipedia and other personal details.

Kian Niroomand Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is a Tennis Player?

Talking about Kian Niroomand Wikipedia, he is yet to be mentioned on the platform.  According to the internet, his age is 32 years old, meaning he was born in 1990. 

His current position in the game is Defender; he plays as a center-back. He usually uses his right foot to play.

He was born in Martin Luther Hospital in Berlin-Wilmersdorf on July 31, 1990. Kian Niroomand is a Father of a two-year-old son and the husband of her beautiful wife.

Kian Niroomand wikipedia
Kian Niroomand Wikipedia page is not available. (Source: Imago Images)

Since 2022, RGM Facility Management GmbH’s been head of business development. In 2012 he joined the SPD. District SPD Chairman Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf since 2020. 

He started his career as a tennis player in 2021. 

Family & Net Worth Details of Kian Niroomand

The details regarding Kian Niroomand’s family are not revealed yet, but somewhere on the internet, we saw that he has a wife and a child. 

Talking about his net worth, it is estimated that he has around 400-500k net worth. 

Tennis players are typically associated with riches and luxury, such as living in a mansion in Monte Carlo, owning a magnificent yacht, and taking exotic vacations. 

The reality for the great majority of players is more akin to “driving an ancient car to the next event at a rural country club (with only a handful of spectators), staying on a friend’s sofa, and wondering where the money for next week’s tournament is going to come from.

Tennis players made an average of $113,478 a year (or $1,940 for each match) in prize money between 2015 and 2019. 

While players at #1927 only made $1,126 per year on average, the #1 ranked player made $14,406,932 annually.

This average figure is misleading because just 195 participants (13%) earned more than $100,000 annually, 69 (5%) earned more than $50,000, and 124 (8%) earned more than $20,000. 

Therefore, 76% of all players had a yearly income of less than $20,000.

Tennis players have six ways to earn money, with prize money and endorsements being the most lucrative. 

Prize money is the sum that competitors receive for successfully performing their job—playing tennis. 

This sum varies considerably depending on the sort of tournament competed in and the round the player has reached.

Conversely, endorsements are much more influenced by a player’s charm, nationality, or appearance. 

These are offers made by companies who wish to have their goods linked to particular athletes so that millions of people will see them when they appear on TV. 

Lower-ranked players cannot access the sponsorship deals that the top players can. Therefore, they must rely mostly on prize money.  The top players earn the majority of their income from endorsement deals.

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