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Kim Gravel Wikipedia, Age, Husband: Where Is Veteran TV Host Now?

After Kim Gravel shared insights about Kim’s almost 50-pound weight loss on her YouTube channel, it sparked a surge in netizens for details about her journey and lifestyle on Wikipedia.

Kim Gravel is a successful entrepreneur, television personality, author, podcaster, and life coach.

She also is a former Miss Georgia, showcasing the multifaceted nature of Kim Gravel’s achievements.

Additionally, she hosts her QVC show, Kim Gravel NOW, while overseeing both the Belle by Kim Gravel fashion and Belle Beauty cosmetic lines.

Meanwhile, Kim rose to fame at 19, becoming one of the youngest Miss Georgia in the state pageant’s history in 1991.

Currently, she is a co-anchor on the Fox channel and has hosted award-winning shows, including Friends & Neighbors and Atlanta Live.

Meanwhile, Kim Gravel has recently gained attention due to her weight loss, prompting increased interest in her Wikipedia page.

Kim Gravel Wikipedia: Age, Parents, Education, Career & Networth Of Veteran TV Host

Even though Kim Gravel is quite famous, she doesn’t have her own Wikipedia page yet.

So, this Wikipedia article intends to offer thorough insights into the personal life of Kim Gravel.

Kim Gravel was born in Carolina, USA, on July 27, 1971. So, as of early 2024, Kim Gravel is 53 years old.

Brooks Hardee is her father, and Jo Hardee is her mother, making her the proud daughter of this loving parental duo.

Kim with the Miss Georgia crown alongside her father and mother.
Kim’s success is greatly influenced by the support and guidance of her parents.

Growing up in Carolina, she had her sister Allisyn Varalla alongside her as a friend, and they shared a close bond.

Meanwhile, Kim attended and graduated from Parkview High School in Georgia.

At 19, in 1991, she became one of the youngest Miss Georgia in the state pageant’s history.

After Miss America, she served as US Goodwill Ambassador to Japan, addressing corporations and the Japanese parliament.

Nevertheless, Kim Gravel is an entrepreneur, TV personality, public speaker, industry leader, certified life coach, consultant, and advisor.

Likewise, she takes on the role of a host on her QVC show, the engaging and popular Kim Gravel NOW.

Kim wearing a pink coat with white-colored hair.
Kim Gravel’s zodiac sign is Leo. (Source: Instagram)

In 2016, Kim Gravel collaborated with QVC to launch the successful Belle by Kim Gravel apparel line.

A year later, she introduced the equally thriving Belle Beauty cosmetic line.

Frequently featured on The Steve Harvey Show, she also starred in Lifetime’s Kim of Queens docu-series.

Her primary source of income is her career as a TV show host, public speaker, and entrepreneur.

Similarly, as of 2024, she boasts an estimated net worth of nearly $4.1 million.

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Warmth Of Family: Kim Gravel’s Loving Husband And Beautiful Children

Kim Gravel is happily married to Travis Gravel, sharing a life filled with joy and companionship.

They joyfully exchanged their wedding vows on August 25, 2001, in an intimate and private ceremony.

Travis Gravel, known for his private nature, prefers to avoid the public eye.

Moreover, the couple has two boys, Beau and Blanton, bringing immense joy to their family.

Kim Gravel, with her husband and two children.
Kim and Travis married in 2001. (Source: Facebook)

Beau came into their lives in 2010, followed by the arrival of Blanton in 2012, completing their loving family circle.

Kim and Travis Gravel’s enduring love is a testament to their commitment to a balanced and harmonious family life.

In the heart of Atlanta, their home actively fosters a warm environment for their family to thrive.

Despite their busy lives, the Gravel family has managed to maintain a strong bond and create cherished memories together.

With such fame and spotlight, Wikipedia will likely feature a dedicated page for Kim Gravel.

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