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Buffalo Bills Kim Pegula Death Rumours: Terry Pegula Wife Ballted With Cardiac Arrest- Health Update

Fans are curious to know about Kim Pegula death rumors. Did Terry Pegula’s wife suffer from cardiac arrest? How is she doing now? Let’s take a look.

Kim Pegula is an American businesswoman and the wife of American businessman Terry Pegula.

Kim was born on June 7, 1969, and as of 2024, she is 54 years old.

Due to a health issue, Kim became the subject of widespread death rumors.

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Recently, her daughter came forward with her story of how her mother’s health scare affected their family and how the matriarch is doing now.

Kim Pegula Death Rumors

Kim Pegula is not dead – the rumors of her death are simply hoaxes. So how did the rumor about Kim Pegula death start?

The rumor started out with a health update from Kim’s husband. It began mildly enough but spread like wildfire through Twitter.

Many Twitter users provided kindle to the flame and insisted that the businesswoman had passed away.

Kim Pegula Death
Kim Pegula at one of the Bulls games in 2018. (Source: Fox News)

Her husband, Terry Pegula, took to Twitter to share the news that his wife had had some health concerns and was receiving treatment.

However, the news of a minor health issue snowballed into his wife’s death. Some users even offered their condolences to businessman Terry Pegula.

This has become an increasingly common phenomenon among Internet users, wherein a minor health update or issue turns into rumors of death, paralysis, and much worse.

Kim Pegula Cardiac Arrest And Health Update

The health issue that sparked rumors of Kim Pegula death was cardiac arrest.

While Pegula dealt with this health complication in June 2022, she and her family did not disclose what had happened.

However, on February 8, 2023, Kim’s daughter, Jessica Pegula, revealed that her mother had suffered a heart attack.

Jessica shared the story of her mother’s illness via ‘The Players’ Tribune.’

Kim Pegula
Kim and her husband, Terry(center), pay their respects to a former player killed in the Vietnam War. (Source: Fox News)

She stated how difficult it was seeing her mother in the hospital on the brink of death.

While Kim has more or less recovered, Jessica has stated that fans should not expect to see her in her previous roles.

The cardiac arrest took a significant toll on Kim’s fragile health, and she had to stay in the hospital for two weeks.

Jessica stated that Kim could read, write and understand those around her but struggled with responding and verbalizing her needs.

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However, despite her struggles, she is recovering very well, and her current abilities are no less than a miracle.

What Is Kim Pegula Net Worth In 2024?

According to sources, Kim Pegula’s net worth in 2024 is estimated at $100 million.

Kim is a successful businesswoman and has made multiple careful moves throughout her career for her net worth to be where it is now.

Sources have stated that a large portion of Kim’s fortune comes from being the CEO of Pegula Sports And Entertainment.

Kim founded the company with her husband, Terry. Their company manages the Buffalo Bills and the National Lacrosse League’s Buffalo Bandits.

In addition, they also serve as the manager of the American Hockey League’s Rochester Americans.

Kim Pegula
Kim Pegula(far right), with the rest of the Pegula family before a Bulls game. (Source: The Players’ Tribune)

These NFL, NLL, and AHL teams are widely popular and have raked in millions for the Pegulas over the years.

In addition, she also made a small fortune from the ice cream and cupcake products she formulated for One Buffalos in 2016.

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Kim’s net worth will likely stay the same as she is not in the state to work anymore.


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