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Is Rapper King Fredo Girlfriend Jasmine Jade? Fact Check

Fredo is an internet celebrity famous for streaming on Youtube & Twitch with an online handle known as Prettyboyfredo, but people are eager to know about King Fredo Girlfriend and career.

The star was born on August 20, 1993, and was raised in Palm Beach, Florida, United States. However, his real name is Alfredo Villa.

He was raised along with his sister in a foster house. Later on, he was adopted by Carol and Ronald Villa when he was three months old. 

His first journey to be on the internet started from his high school when he created his channel in 2009. 

Since then, his capitating content of pranks, challenges, vlogs and NBA Two K videos has become more famous.  

The story of his journey might not fit into a few words, but he has over 7.32 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He has been in a relationship with the love of his life Jasmine Jade since 2018. They also have a beautiful daughter.

However, it captivates audiences and leaves them eager to learn more about YouTuber King Fredo Girlfriend and the career that he made. 

Who Is King Fredo’s Girlfriend, Jasmine Jade?

Internet sensation Fredo has been in a rollercoaster relationship with his love, Jasmine Jade, whom he proposed to in October 2018.

The duo’s love story dates back to 2013, and in 2017, they welcomed their pride and joy, Ava Jade, whose adorable glimpses frequently grace Fredo’s social media.

Jasmine Jade, also a social media star, boasts an impressive 507k followers on her Instagram.

Born on August 11, 1994, in the United States. She has chosen to keep details about her family and siblings private, steering clear of sharing their lives on social media.

Jasmine Jade with her daughter Ava Jade.
The daughter of Jasmine Jade and Fedro Ava Jade celebrating Christmas. (Source: Instagram)

The couple faced a tumultuous period in 2019, resulting in a dramatic separation showcased on Fredo’s channel.

An initial spat erupted over perceived negligence in fulfilling responsibilities. Fredo, expressing a sense of betrayal, decided to call it quits that year.

Despite the romantic fallout, their connection endured, primarily for the sake of their daughter.

Fast forward to February 18, 2023, and the unexpected happened. Fredo and Jasmine rekindled their love, sharing the news on Fredo’s YouTube channel.

Jasmine Jade and Fredo on youtube.
The famous couple got back together after four years of break up. (Source: YouTube)

Fredo revealed that his primary motive was to reunite the family and rediscover the man he used to be.

Eager fans, anticipating the return of the Fredo family, flooded the video addressing their reconciliation with questions

The speculation even included talks of an impending marriage.

The internet eagerly awaits the next chapter in Fredo and Jasmine’s journey. The one thing is certain love has prevailed, and the Fredo family is back on track.

Many people have wondered about King Fredo Girlfriend social media handle.

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King Fredo And His Girlfriend’s Social Media Handles

Both of them are some of the best internet celebrity couples with massive followers on their social media. But how much?

King Fredo’s Girlfriend’s Instagram has over 507k followers, and her Twitter account has around 134k followers, where she shares her daily life achievements. 

The 2* family’s YouTube channel boasts over 2.68 million subscribers.

Freo and Jasmine celebrating Christmas with their daughter.
The family of Fredo and Jasmine Jade celebrating Christmas together with their daughter. (Source: Instagram)

This channel is the main thing that made them the internet celebrity today. Their content and vlogs are outstanding for each of the fans who followed him. 

However, they have another channel named Prettyboyfredo which has about 7.32 subscribers. 

However, the couple always shares their life-changing moment on their channel.

Recently, on November 21, Jasmine had a car accident on her daughter’s fifth birthday and broke her arm.

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